Thursday, October 30, 2014

Life :: 8 Little Things to Relax You Daily

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Relaxation has never come easy for me. I don't know about you, but I've been a professional workaholic since the age of 10. And now, between raising a kid, helping my boyfriend with his business, and managing my own career, I barely even have time to eat. (I call that The Miranda Diet, though I won't be cutting my hair anytime soon.) Fortunately, I've come up with a few ways to sneak in some quiet time and force myself to slow down. I try to incorporate most, if not all, of these things on a daily basis.

1) Take a long, hot shower. This probably isn't the best response to the drought we're having in California, but it sure does wonders for my sanity. My last house had hot water that lasted about five minutes (I had to take separate showers for washing my hair and shaving), but now I spend the good part of an hour just relaxing in the steam. Go ahead and fine me.

2) Eat a snack by yourself. I'm used to eating hot food after it's gotten cold nowadays, so it's a luxury to sit down with something warm and munch on it in silence. It's normally not a full meal, but even a small snack does the trick. Or ice cream.

3) Enjoy a stroll around the block. Something about walking outside and hearing leaves rustle in the breeze is incredibly calming. I love walking around my neighborhood and I don't pull my phone out unless there's a photo op.

4) Read a chapter from a book. I no longer have much time for reading, so even getting a chapter in feels sinfully good. Bonus points if you choose something fluffy that doesn't take a lot of thought (like 50 Shades of Grey).

5) Talk to a faraway friend. My mom is my go-to person for a healthy chat. She's still in Michigan and we always have something to blab about. It gets my mind off of my own crap and forces me to focus on someone else.

6) Write in your journal. Writing is super cathartic for me (um, obviously) but even if it's not something you normally do, I suggest trying it. A few sentences could help clear your mind.

7) Perform a mindless task. Doing the dishes is a great chore for me because it's easy and boring. Somehow, it helps calm me down when I'm feeling overwhelmed.

8) Hug a loved one. Hugging your dog, partner, roommate -- hell, even a pillow -- releases hormones that make you feel all fuzzy. Cuddling with my baby is the best therapy.

Speaking of relaxing, next week I'll be taking a blogging break and allowing my fabulous guest posters to fill in. But be sure to come back tomorrow for a new project starting November 1st! I can't wait!

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