Friday, October 17, 2014

Loves :: A Glimpse at my Glasses Collection

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I've been wearing prescription glasses since the fourth grade. Yeah, it's been a few years.

Back then, they weren't known as sexy, stylish, "hipster" or cool -- but rather, a nerdy nuisance. Add my spectacles to the metal braces and frizzy hair I sported daily, and I looked like your typical dork (think pre-makeover Anne Hathaway in The Princess Diaries). Over the years, however, I've learned to love my lenses, and I've recently compiled quite the collection. Today I'm going to introduce you to six of my favorite pairs, one of them being my go-to sunnies.

Of course, I had to include the Hello Kitty plush that Brandon got me for my birthday when we were first dating. Could I be any more of a dweeb? I don't think so.

 photo loudmouth_lifestyle_blog_blogger_glasses_sunglasses_collection_hello_kitty_stephanie_shar.png

Clockwise from top right:

1) Jack & Norma SUN in Noir from BonLook || best sunglasses (see them on me here)

2) Roosevelt in Revolver Black Matte from Warby Parker || favorite everyday frame (see them on me here)

3) Cat Eye #F038 in Black c/o Firmoo || best retro look (brand new!)

4) Jack & Norma in Champagne from BonLook || best party pair (see them on me here)

5) Scout Festival in Brown c/o Glasses Direct || best color for autumn (see them on me here)

6) X-Ray BS23 in Tortoise c/o GlassesUSA || most versatile pair (see them on me here)

 photo loudmouth_lifestyle_blog_blogger_glasses_cat_eye_collection_stephanie_shar.png
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