Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Life :: European Tour Part 2 / Norway (Guest Post)

The tour stopped in Norway for just about two days (travel time on either side of the full day was a half day). Immediately after checking in to the hotel, my friends and I took off on a sunset and night tour of the city of Stavanger, where we stayed. The next morning, my friend and I got up after sunrise and proceeded to walk as far away from the city, using the bridges that go out into Boknafjord.

We walked as far as we could, taking pictures and eating junk food from a convenience store...and even talking to locals, before heading back. It was April and very warm, so we had our coats off. We found a little bay with a wall and a diving board, and we took off our clothes and jumped into the Boknafjord! (Which, at the time, I thought was the North Sea.) Norway changed my life. I fell in love in a second. I would move there in an instant if I could!

 photo panoramic01.jpg

 photo panoramic02.jpg

 photo stavanger13.jpg

 photo stavanger14.jpg

 photo stavanger15.jpg

 photo stavanger26.jpg
(Where I swam in the Boknafjord.)

 photo stavanger33.jpg
(Sverd I Fjell)

Fenna Blue is a NEOhio native. She's an avid geocacher and photographer. Her favorite pastimes are snuggling with her fluffy kitties and cussing like a sailor! She writes for her personal blog, The Honest Badger, and TV review blog, Gotta Watch It.
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