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We're all busy, but the holiday season is especially hectic. Fun, but hectic. And whether you're a full-time professional blogger or prefer to keep it a fun hobby, it's hard to fit in the posts and tweets when food and family abounds! So, here are 3 things I'm telling myself during this madly magical time.

1) Plan, schedule and prepare for EVERYTHING! I have a problem with planning and then executing. I prefer to either plan, or execute. It's weird. But it's something I've learned to do, especially over the past couple years. If you know your December is filled with work parties, family visits, and faraway vacations, you need to have a plan. Use your calendar or agenda to schedule times and days when you WILL be able to blog. Then, use these sessions wisely to schedule tweets (using Buffer, HootSuite, etc) and blog posts (I'm pretty sure any blogging platform has this feature). That way, they'll go up automatically, even if you're halfway across the world with 10 wacky relatives!

2) Don't feel guilty for taking a break (or NOT taking a break). It's totally okay to step away from your tablet, laptop and phone while your friends are in town. Your readers should understand. (If they don't, they're dummies. Sorry.) At the same time, if you don't feel comfortable taking a few weeks (or even a few days) off, that's fine too! Again, your friends should understand. If they don't, explain to them how important blogging is to you -- that it fuels your passion or provides your paycheck, or both, or whatever.

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I'm not telling you to ignore the visitors and neglect the parties to sit at your computer, but if you need to shoot a quick email while you're out or you want to take a half hour each morning to bust out a blog post, you should be entitled to that -- especially if blogging is your job. It's like any other career and shouldn't necessarily be neglected. Your friends and fam should take it as seriously as if you had a 9-5 office gig! I haven't had a holiday completely "off" in years -- I almost always worked Thanksgiving and Christmas at my former workplaces, and if I happened to get the day off I usually spent at least part of it working on my own projects. Whatever your situation, do what makes YOU happy!

(Your friends and followers want you to be happy, FYI.)

3) Share your holiday happenings with your readers! I love this one because it gets everyone involved. Take your mom to a cool restaurant? Snap a pic for Instagram. Your uncle tells a funny story? Tweet about it! Share your world with your readers on social media. You'll have some interesting content AND your peeps will see how fun it is to be a blogging goddess. Two birds, one stone -- ya know?

I also wrote earlier this week about what to do if you're spending the holidays alone, Sarah V wrote about how to prep your online business for the season, and Sarah M wrote about how to explain self-employment to your kin. Enjoy!

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