Sunday, December 21, 2014

Loud Lady :: 3 Reflections of 2014 (A Guest Post by Miki of Becoming What I Always Was)

Hi all, it’s nice to e-meet you. I was tickled pink when Shar asked me to do a post on her blog, she’s an awesome supporter of all bloggers, women and mostly, loud livers! I’m happy to say I fit in those categories. I’m Miki, a twenty something that claims to be thirty by marriage. J and I don’t have any human babies, but we spend a lot of time spoiling our dogs and we’ll keep on “practicing” for if that time comes to add a human baby in our lives.

This year has really been one for the books, in all my years of living, I think this one has been the most lively. I have sat down to write this post so many times and I keep thinking… reflecting on 2014…. and immediately 50 things come to my mind. I am not ready to write a book, so I decided to pick THREE reflections of 2014 that I’m ready to share. Then I want to say; Bring On 2015!

My Body. Every person needs to be comfortable with their body. I’ve always been the chick who eats ice cream for dinner and cake for breakfast. My body hasn’t ever been toned or magazine worthy, but it’s mine - and up till now that’s been good enough. We took a trip to Lake Powell in September and after looking at all the photos, for the first time I was really unhappy with how I looked. I felt that I could do better. I wanted to do better. I think that’s the key, I actually wanted to change how I looked AND FELT. I downloaded a workout app (because it’s 2014!) and have been sticking to my workouts. My goals isn’t to have a 6 pack or lift my 75 pound bulldog above my head, I just want to feel good about myself. I can see a physical difference, now 3 months in, but I feel like my mentality has changed completely. I feel like I’m working for myself. We work all day long for other people and when I carve out 30 minutes of work out time, I feel good! I hit that “complete workout button” and I feel like I did something selfish, something totally for me and it feels awesome!

Body Reflection Image

My Husband. J and I tied the knot when I was pretty young. I was 21 when I said, “I do”. At that point in my life, the thing I hated the most was when people said, “I’m so lucky I married my best friend.” I always thought that “best friend” was a tacky term for the commitment being made. I wanted to invent and coin a new term that expressed everything I felt for the man I was marrying. Somehow, that never happened. Now we’ve been married for 3 years, together for 5 and just this year I am realizing that “best friend” isn’t a tacky term. Truthfully, before anything else that comes, before kissing, before long walks on the beach, before sex, before anything you have to be best friends. Sometimes, just like with any other friend, it takes work. Occasionally I have to really work at being J’s best friend, take interests in his interests, let him vent, and disagree so we build a foundation of understanding. The most important thing is that we have to work at our friendship, because our marriage becomes much easier after that.

Hubs Reflection


My Family. I was incredibly close with my Grandpa Loveless. My family has a tradition of driving down to Mexico, spending 3 weeks living out of a motorhome and chilling on the beach. My family stayed in my Grandpa Loveless’ motorhome, which meant we were roommates for 3 weeks/year. In light terms, that means we bonded in a deep way. We got on each other’s nerves and we also stayed up late playing card games and watching old movies. In April of this year, he was diagnosed with aggressive throat cancer and given a few months left to live. He passed away on October 10th. Before he passed, we were spending a lot of time down at his home, helping my grandma take care of him and hanging out with my grandpa, enjoying the time we had left. One time, we were in his living room, skype-ing with my younger brother, Christiaan, who was in Tennessee. I think my grandpa knew that this was going to be the last time he talked with my little brother, because he was trying so hard to stay coherent and to really hang onto what Christiaan was saying. He was on a handful of pain killers, but when he had moments of clarity, the thing he reminisced most about was his family. He was so proud of the family he had created and the wife he had. My grandpa was in the living room for the last few weeks of his life and he had my uncle create a slide show of all the photos my grandma had taken over the years. He spent weeks watching his kids grow up and become parents through old photos. He was so close to passing and he wasn’t interested in telling everyone about his Masters degree or his career success. All he wanted was to be surrounded by family. More than anything 2014 has reminded me what I already knew, family is everything.

Grandpa Loveless

I hope everyone has a happy 2015! If you would like to be my friend, I'd like that.

Miki was born at the tender age of 0 in the year 1990. She loves iguanas, the beach, and mispronouncing the Spanish language. She also likes to make up Spanish words, like blogaritas. You can find her on Instagram, Twitter, and Bloglovin. This post is in support of my new program for 2015, Loud Ladies.
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