Monday, December 29, 2014

Loud Lady :: 5 Pointers for Starting Your Own Business in 2015 (A Guest Post by Chelsea of Chels & the City)

At the beginning of 2014, I made a promise to myself to finally start my own business before I turned 25 in July. I made my first sale a week before my birthday. But I only made it happen because of my clear goals and determination to meet a deadline. You can do that too, and my post today is all about how. Make 2015 your year to finally get started!

Figure out what you want to do and why.

Whatever kind of business you're thinking of creating, figure out what you want your end result to be and then map out what little things you need to do to make that happen. Keeping this list and crossing things off of it daily will help you to realize and see your goal come to life little by little every day. Knowing WHY you want this goal to happen will be you motivator to keep you going when it gets rough.

Allow for wiggle room. 

Take it from me that starting a business will throw you some surprises. It's not all easy to figure out and it's not the same for every one or every situation. Allow yourself time to figure these things out. Give yourself time to be able to accomplish what you want and have room for error or a slow process.

Meet to your deadlines.

While you're figuring out what you want to do, you need to set (realistic) deadlines of when you need to get things done so you can meet your final goal on a proper schedule. Have short term, middle and long term plans and stick to them. All while allowing more time than necessary so that if any problems arise, you can remain on schedule to get everything done.

Don't be afraid to ask for help.

If you know someone who has started a business like yours or if you're in need of funding, ask for it. I used an indiegogo campaign to get the funding I needed to get my first line of cards out. I asked friends about the best ways to go about setting up an Etsy shop and I've taken a couple free courses offered by Creative Live to learn some more best practices for running an online business. There is a sense of pride in doing it all alone, but it's smart to not try and rebuild the wheel while you're doing it.

Stick to you guns.

Once you get started, there will be a lot of people telling you cannot or shouldn't do it. And there will be a lot of other people telling you how you should be doing it. But let your gut guide you. Unwanted advice might be some of the best you receive, but it can also wear you down and get in the way of your goals, be able to figure out which is which and learn from it all. The experience is what makes the process worth it.

Let 2015 be your year to get started! This might sound like simple advice but trust me, you'll understand it more once you really get into it and as you really build your own business. Nothing is more rewarding, I wish you the best of luck!

Chelsea loves life in heels, with coffee in hand. She blogs at Chels & the City, showcasing fashion and city life in Pittsburgh, and owns and designs greeting cards for Marion Claire Stationery. Her greeting card business is a life-long dream come true and is named after and inspired by her grandmothers who taught her just how to have the right amount of heart and sass in life. This post is in support of my new program for 2015, Loud Ladies.
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