Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Lounge :: Retro Interior Trends for 2015

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Future trends in furnishings and interiors are all about retro and vintage moods. Those who haven't yet succumbed to the charm of interiors that drip with character, personality and a certain element of history, prepare to be wowed. As 2015 unfolds, interiors will be bursting with furnishings that reference the past, while keeping comfortably in the present.

Roll on retro

All things retro will be surfacing in 2015. Looking to the past for inspiration is a trend that has been gathering momentum over recent years. Possibly in response to the economic climate and also out of a respect for environmental issues, people are filling their homes with secondhand pieces that have their own history. The mid-century modern look is hot right now, and furniture from this slick and sleek era compliments any interior. Go back further in time for more antique style classic furniture, or find good quality reproductions of carved armoires and elegant dining tables – team these with contemporary accents for an on trend mood.

Comfort zone

The emphasis on nesting and being cozy will continue into 2015. To snuggle down in comfortable vintage style, layer soft furnishings with throws made from organic cotton, waffle pattern blankets, antique patchwork quilts, traditional multicolored crochet wraps and scatter cushions in contrasting colors and textures. Create a reading nook by a window or in an alcove and include a comfortable chair or love seat for relaxing and getting lost in a good book.

Color co-ordinates

Whether it is five shades or fifty, gray will be the most popular neutral shade of 2015. Gray teams with many palettes and works well as a base and background. Intense saturated slate grays or washed out pale grays will both be popular. Black will gain more ground in interiors. 2014 saw an explosion of monochrome kitchens with retro styling, matte black fitted cupboards, granite or soap stone counter tops in midnight shades and checkerboard floors and tile splash backs. However, color junkies needn't despair, because greens and blues will be gaining in popularity next year. Olive tones blended with cream, zesty leaf green and deep emeralds all have a role to play in future interior line ups. Intense blues with a strong violet punch will continue to thrive, teamed with scarlet and citrus shades for impact.

Accents and details

Those who don't have a collection yet had better start working on it. Collections are everywhere. Whether it's carved elephants, vintage porcelain, blue and white Cornish ware, mirrors, candlesticks or taxidermy, self-curate a collection and give it pride of place in a room. Group similar colors and shapes together, light them well and wait for the compliments to flood in.

Oversized paintings on canvas will be a key look. Don't hang them on the wall – rather, lean them nonchalantly against bare plaster or brick for the ultimate louche look. Grand-scale digital prints can now be easily transferred onto wallpapers and furnishings. Favorite images or old photographs may be digitally transferred directly onto doors or walls, personalizing them in a truly unique way.

Interior directions are constantly changing, moving in response to cultural mores. 2015 will see a continuing upsurge in vintage and retro design themes, which will pack our homes full of life and personality. In 2015, ditch the bland, boring styles and take inspiration from retro interiors that make a statement.

*This post was contributed by Luke Swinton. Photo found here.
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