Wednesday, January 21, 2015

List :: 28 Things to do Before I'm 29

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Today is my boyfriend's 26th birthday. Yes, I'm both a cougar and a MILF.

I'm also a narcissist, so of course, I started thinking about my own birthday. Plus, Chelsea recently posted her 30 before 30 list, and it inspired me to make one right away. After all, I've already done 24 before 25, 25 before 26, and 26 before 27!

I'll turn 29 on April 8, 2016 -- which gives me about 15 months to complete these 28 things. I think that's reasonable, right? I mean, maybe half of them have to do with trips (see 12-22), but I've learned how to travel on a budget. And it's especially hard to plan the big, life stuff (see 25-28) but I've also learned to go with the flow.

Of course, there are also some boring "adult" items, but can you blame me? I'm trying to be responsible here, people!

1. Self-publish a book through Amazon
2. Have an office outside of our home
3. Double my blog traffic
4. Double my blog income
5. Make five new, close blog friends
6. Participate in The Color Run
7. Get paid to model
8. Get paid to act
9. Pay off my car
10. Pay off two credit cards
11. Read 20 books
12. Visit Chris in Austin
13. Visit Fenn in Akron
14. Visit Jess in San Diego
15. Visit Kristie in San Francisco
16. Visit Alysia + Christen in Denver
17. Visit Brandon's high school home in Seattle
18. Visit Charisma in Orlando
19. Visit Liz in New York
20. Visit Malorie + Victoria in Grand Rapids
21. Visit cousins in D.C.
22. Visit cousins in Alabama
23. Finish my Project Life album for 2014
24. Start my Project Life album for 2015
25. Sign up for life coach certification training for 2016
26. Sign up for Molly's Elevate Mastermind for 2017
27. Get engaged and plan a wedding for 2018
28. Plan to have a second kid in 2019

Now, who wants to help me cross these off!? I'm also curious... do YOU make birthday lists?

And don't forget to wish Brandon a happy birthday!

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