Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Look :: Dress to Feel Your Best

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Personal style isn't just about looking good.

It's also about FEELING good. And there's nothing more comfy than a long flannel, a cozy jacket and leggings. I know they're not supposed to be worn as pants, but at least my booty's covered, right?

Besides, I have no problem showing off my curves. My body's gone through a lot of stages over time, but I've loved it at every size. And I hope the same for you, girlfriend.

I've always worn what I want, no matter the trends. A few years ago, that meant dresses, heels and lots of jewelry. Now, it's a bit more on the casual side. I went from being single and working in a corporate sales environment to having a family and a writing career. Style changes as lifestyle changes, you know?

My point is, your outer beauty reflects your inner beauty. When you look good, you feel good -- and that makes you look even better. Sweatpants can be just as sexy as skirts. It's all about attitude, baby!

Like with my office tour, shopping details are at the bottom. No, I haven't quite given up on outfit posts; I just needed a little break. Plus, I've had even more fun dressing Trey.

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Turban - Red Velvet Art
Glasses - c/o Firmoo
Shirt - brother's
Jacket - boyfriend's
Scarf - grandma's
Pants - Kohl's
Bag - Honest Tote
Boots - Payless
Book - c/o The Social Climber's Bible
Planner - Sugar Paper via Target
Watch - Michael Kors
Ring - Avon

*Photos by Megan Burke on January 7, 2015 in Valencia, CA.
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