Monday, February 16, 2015

Life :: Blog Tips / 4 Values Learned from Only Posting 5 Times this Month

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If you want to make a living from your blog, maybe you should post LESS.


Yes, I really did just say that. (Or, I mean, write that. Whatever.)

At least once a year, I take a blogging break. Sometimes it's accidental. Other times it's purposeful. This month, it's been a bit of both. I don't want to give the tired ol' BUSY excuse, so instead I'm just going to say that I have more than usual going on. (There's a difference, right?)

Some surprising things have happened during this time though, and I'm excited to share those findings with you today. This is my fourth post for February, and I'm only planning one more. Here's why.

1. Posting less gives you time to focus on other, more profitable blogging ventures. Because I haven't been churning out blog posts (which rarely make me money), I've been able to pour my energy into other areas such as e-books, e-courses, and coaching. To be honest, I've actually earned MORE than usual within the past two weeks! Spending time doing different blog stuff besides blogging (like promoting the awesome shit you're selling) can be more beneficial than actual posts. Last year I was writing on this blog 6-7 days a week, and I now I wish I would've used that time to write other things instead.

2. Sharing less on your blog gives you more personal stories to share on social media. I had a really bad day last week and was going to create a blog post about it, but instead I decided to share the details on Instagram. Though I love writing personal essays for my blog readers, I don't necessarily need to say everything in this one spot. I'm learning to spread my stories across multiple networks, and it's really fun!

3. Traffic doesn't matter; what matters is how you're utilizing your traffic. Back in August 2011, I purchased a very expensive sidebar ad on a very popular blog. That's not necessarily a bad thing; in fact, I received my highest amount of traffic ever as a result (over 40,000 views). The problem? I hadn't learned how to USE those views to my advantage. Instead of linking to a compelling welcome page, pointing my new readers to paid offerings, inviting them to sign up for a free newsletter, and posting quality over quantity, I just did what I always did... uploaded pictures of my outfits and where I ate over the weekend and other random stuff about my life. Anyone can go elsewhere and see the same shit from a different girl, so they left. And went elsewhere. And the next month my views dropped to 20,000.

Don't make the same mistake. Use my tips to garner traffic, and then use that traffic wisely. It doesn't matter how many people visit your blog if they're not sticking around.

4. Comparison is the thief of joy. But if you must compare, do so with other blogs in your niche. I tried really hard, FOR YEARS, to make money from affiliate links. I still use them, but putting all your eggs in that basket is a bad idea. Your blog should be used as springboard for other business ideas, NOT your sole source of income -- unless you're a fashion blogger getting millions of views, and people actually buy what you're wearing. I just realized recently that I've been comparing myself to those bloggers when I'm not one of them. How can I possibly make money the same way if I don't blog the same way?

I started researching other gals who are more like me -- inspirational writers, career coaches, creative consultants -- and I noticed something that shocked me. After analyzing 10 bloggers (Jen, Glennon, Molly, Sally, Mariah, Leah, Alexandra, Regina, Kyla and Nicole) I realized that they only posted an average of 3 times in January. YES, THAT'S THREE POSTS. PER MONTH. LESS THAN ONCE A WEEK.

And these babes are making six figures. Boom.

If this post resonated with you, you may be interested in The Only Metric You Should Be Paying Attention To and How Reading Lifestyle Blogs Almost Stopped Me From Making A Living Online. We'll be chatting about all of this and more on Wednesday, February 18 at 10am PST under the hashtag #liveloudly!

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