Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Life :: Blog Tips / 30 Creative Tasks to Complete For Your Blog (When You're Not Blogging)

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I literally started this checklist with 8 things.

And then it kept growing. And OMG THERE ARE 30 NOW.

You will never be bored again. Enjoy, loves.

1. Collect your most popular posts for a roundup.
2. Update your NEW HERE?, ABOUT, and FAQ pages.
3. Refresh your blog design if needed.
4. Peep your site stats and numbers.
5. Read and comment on other blogs.

6. Unfollow any social media accounts or blogs you ain't feelin' anymore.
7. Respond to reader and sponsor emails and social media interactions.
8. Delete any tweets, 'grams or Facebook statuses that no longer line up with your brand.
9. Check survey responses and make any changes you think are important.
10. Stalk (er, follow) brands/bloggers that you'd want to learn from/work with in the future.

11. Organize your pin boards. (ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY)
12. Gather photos, quotes and post ideas for the future.
13. Network with other bloggers and businesses in person.
14. Read helpful books on business and blogging.
15. Organize your office/blogging workspace.

16. Connect with readers and clients you haven't heard from in awhile.
17. Interview one of your favorite readers, clients or role models for a future post.
18. Make sure your tags make sense and delete unnecessary labels.
19. Clean out your closet and plan outfits for upcoming fashion posts. (#FBLOGGERS ONLY)
20. Read through old posts to see if inspiration strikes for a follow-up.

21. Reach out to other bloggers about trading guest posts.
22. Write in your journal and decide if you can turn your entry into a blog post.
23. Make sure your contact page and social media icons are in working order.
24. Figure out if one of your blog posts could be the topic for a Twitter chat.
25. Invest in a virtual group, course, or program for bloggers.

26. Sign up for a helpful mailing list that you'll actually read.
27. Plan for an in-person retreat, workshop or summit.
28. See if you can turn your favorite topics into an e-book, e-course or newsletter.
29. Start a YouTube account and film a vlog series. (EXTRA CREDIT)
30. Have other bloggers review your products or host a giveaway for you.

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