Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Loot :: Enter My 28th Birthday Giveaway! (Free Coaching, Courses, Community + More)

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 photo loudmouth_lifestyle_birthday_giveaway_4.png
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It's my birthday and I wish I had some grand epiphany to write about how much has changed, and what hasn't, and how this is going to be MY YEAR.

But I don't. Instead, I just have free shit for you. Hope that's cool.

Here's what you can win:

One Quick Question Session ($5 value)
Loud Ladies: Spring Break e-course PDF ($9 value)
7 Steps to Living Loudly e-book PDF ($20 value)
Blog Analysis ($45 value)
Access to Loud Ladies group ($60 value)
E-book Edit ($95 value)
60-minute Coaching Session ($120 value)

That's over $350 worth of prizes, by the way. Am I crazy? No. Yes. Maybe a little bit.

Simply fill out the Rafflecopter at the bottom of this post for your chance to snag one of those seven sexy things! And if you're not sure they're up your alley, read all about what I do HERE.

More photos from my Murder Mystery Birthday Bash though, just because:

 photo loudmouth_lifestyle_birthday_giveaway_7.jpg
 photo loudmouth_lifestyle_birthday_giveaway_6.jpg
 photo loudmouth_lifestyle_birthday_giveaway_8.jpg
 photo loudmouth_lifestyle_birthday_giveaway_9.jpg
 photo loudmouth_lifestyle_birthday_giveaway_10.jpg
 photo loudmouth_lifestyle_birthday_giveaway_11.jpg
 photo loudmouth_lifestyle_birthday_giveaway_12.jpg
 photo loudmouth_lifestyle_birthday_giveaway_13.jpg

Winners will be contacted at the end of month. Good luck, babes!

Dress - Ava & Viv via Target
Kimono - Xhilaration via Target
Glasses - Warby Parker
Necklace - Ann Taylor
Rings - Wendy Brandes, Forever 21, Modcloth
Bracelets - RJ Graziano, Payless

*Photos by Megan Burke. Text added by me.

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