Monday, May 18, 2015

Loves :: How Often Do You Practice Self-Care? Start With Every Day!

The easiest way to take care of yourself is to take care of your skin.

No matter how busy you are, you should always make time to wash your face morning and night... but lately, I've been doing so much more. The process is still quick and easy while being super relaxing.

Watch the 10-minute video about my favorite products or read the transcript below (I've removed as many 'likes' and 'ums' as possible). I'm all about pampering myself, and I hope you are too!

PS: Ignore the part where I say it's Friday because obviously it's not Friday anymore...

Today I'm gonna be talking about my everyday beauty routine.

Now, this is a little bit of a different post for me because normally I like to talk about inner beauty on my blog, but I also think it's important to take care of ourselves on the outside. And I know that for me -- when my skin is healthy, when I'm glowing -- I definitely feel better about myself on the inside. So, I just wanted to go through what I use and I thought you might be curious.

Right now I don't have anything on my face. I haven't even washed my face yet. I just got out of my soothing lavender bath that you may have seen on Instagram, and right now I'm gonna go apply some of the products and come back so that you can see the difference.


I want to go through what I just used, and everything is by Mary Kay.

Disclaimer/disclosure here -- I just started selling with them a few weeks ago. I'm an Independent Beauty Consultant and it's been really, really fun. I love the products, they really sell themselves and it's been a good little side business. And it's not a pyramid scheme, that's totally what I thought before I joined, but if you have questions about that let me know.

So, back to the products. The first thing that I do is take off any remaining makeup and I use the Mary Kay Oil-Free Makeup Remover. I normally shake it up because it kind of separates itself and then I use a cotton ball and just take off my makeup. So, pretty easy.

Then, I like to use the Satin Lips set. This is an exfoliation mask for your lips and it also comes with a lip balm as well. I probably use it a few times a week and it makes my lips feel really smooth and soft and healthy and I love it. It's nice. Then I used the Mary Kay Miracle Set and this comes with the cleanser, the moisturizer, the day solution and the night solution.

I started with the 3-in-1 cleanser. It's 3-in-1 because it cleanses, exfoliates and tones so you actually don't need to use a toner when you use this set. I can safely say that nothing I have used up until this point has worked as well as this has. I've worked with a lot of different facial beauty companies and I'm sorry to say but this has really been the best thing and I wouldn't have signed up to sell it if I didn't believe in it.

So, you start with the cleanser and then you apply the moisturizer. Then if it's daytime you obviously use the day solution and if it's nighttime you use the night solution. The day solution has SPF 35 which I really like because I've noticed that most products are usually SPF 15 or something like that. But I really like the 35 because it's an extra protector for your skin, especially if you have sensitive skin. I purchased the set in combination/oily because I have greasy Italian skin, but it also comes in normal to dry.


I always feel so awkward when I do these videos because I'm so weird and kooky and then I do these videos and I'm like "hi, ohmigod" so I'm kind of like a mix of both of those things.

Anyway, sorry, just had a weird moment there.

The first thing that I always put on is my TimeWise Matte-Wear Liquid Foundation and I wear an Ivory 7 for combination to oily skin because like I said mine tends to get a little shiny. I love it because you only need to use a little bit and it spreads really well. It's very protecting and it just feels good on my skin.

And then I normally use a blush. This one is by Wet 'n Wild. I'm kind of in this transition period where not everything I have is Mary Kay yet, but I'm going to link to similar items on the MK site. The brushes that I use are from Target. I normally don't use powder but when I do I'll use it to conceal dark circles under my eyes and things like that.

The mascara I use IS by Mary Kay and it's the Ultimate Mascara in black. I really like it because the brush helps separate my lashes so they're not clumpy and the brush isn't too big. I like that it's small and dainty but still does the trick. For my eyebrows, I actually use brown eyeliner instead of a brow pencil. On my lips I'm wearing the Mary Kay At Play Triple Layer Tinted Balm and I like that it gives me a little bit of color but it's not too crazy.

I'm not a huge makeup person, but I like taking care of my skin and using products that help me feel good about myself!

(I already think I'm hot, but I'm definitely hotter with less acne. Just sayin'.)

That's me via photo as opposed to video. I'm not sure why my makeup looks SO much better there.

I guess I just know how to take a damn good #selfie.

And check it out, my gorgeous friends and fam are loving their new glow:

I know, I totally need to charge my phone.

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This post was not sponsored or created in partnership with anyone. I have not been compensated and/or given product in exchange for a review. I just love the items mentioned and wanted to share them with you. I'm also a Mary Kay consultant and will receive commission if you choose to purchase anything from my site. As always, thanks for your love and support!
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