Sunday, June 21, 2015

Loud Lady :: How Kelly Lived Loudly!

It’s funny: as I sit here, thinking about what to write for my Live Loudly story, I can’t help but smile a little because living loudly isn’t exactly what I’m best at!

In fact, were you to meet me in person, the most you might get out of me for awhile is perfunctory small talk. But, that’s not really what living loudly is about, is it? My take on the loud ladies movement is that it has little to do with volume and everything to do with being comfortable in your skin; loving your most natural self, and loving the things you do. You’re a soft spoken introvert like me? Well, guess what. If you’re rocking that aspect of yourself, you are still a #loudlady!

The Introvert’s Guide to Living Loudly:

1.) In this day and age, it’s brand this, brand that. Your best and biggest resource is yourself, right? But for the introverted gal, selling your strengths can be something akin to slaying a two headed dragon. Fighting the am I good enough battle is hard enough on its own, but it can often be followed up by feelings of narcissism. But there is a difference between recognizing your own worth and the value of making a contribution to the world, and touting yourself or your wares relentlessly. Keep your feet on the ground but your eyes on the prize - balance is key here.

2.) Oh, the tried and true ‘find your passion’ tip. It’s on every list because it’s true, but… don’t let that be your only guiding light. It’s great to know what you love and choose your projects accordingly, but don’t be afraid to mix it up every now and then. I am totally guilty of this one - but it’s something I’m working on. Collabs with other bloggers is a step in the right direction!

3.) Invite and welcome constructive criticism, don’t hide from it. When talking about what you do in general takes a lot of energy, taking a look at the flaws can be even more emotionally draining. But don’t think of it as a negative - think of it as a conversation with someone who cares enough about you and your work to want you to improve. Also, it is almost too easy to quietly post on social media and let the likes come rolling in. There are critique groups for almost everything under the sun, and I’ve gotten invaluable advice that way.

4.) Don’t try and ‘promote’ to extroversion. I read an article with a title along those lines once - and while there was a good tip or two, it was largely worded in a way that implied introverts are less than. False, false, false! An introvert has just as much to contribute as anyone else, and once she realizes that and accepts herself, she is very much a #loudlady.

Kelly Del Valle blogs over at Swimming In Sunshine, where she shares her photography and other adventures. An educator and conservationist, Kelly blogs and photographs in the hopes that her work will inspire a lifestyle of responsible stewardship! She’ll be back next week for some more Loudmouth Loot, but meanwhile, you can follow along on her adventures via Instagram and Facebook! Don't forget to also check out our community challenge, 30 Days to Bolder Blogging, happening now!
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