Sunday, August 30, 2015

Blogging Basics Bonus: 27 Top Tips for Starting a Successful Blog That Satisfies Readers + You

How to Start a Successful Blog

1. Start with WHO you want to help and WHY.

2. Create a community of people that cheer you on when you're on the right track (and call you out when you're drifting off).

3. Implement multiple streams of income and don't launch them all right away.

4. Don't host giveaways to get more followers. Do it to thank the readers who have chosen to follow you.

5. Write a compelling about page that explains, first and foremost, how you can be of service to your audience.

6. Always be looking for guidance and mentorship. Don't be afraid to ask questions and get help.

7. Don't let the excuse that you're too busy stop you from starting. That's fear talking.

8. Pick 3 social networks to update and concentrate on daily. You should be on a few others too, but you don't have to be everywhere all the time.

How to Start an Awesome Blog

9. Have a running list of guest post ideas and people you want to pitch to. Guest posting is a MUST in order to reach other audiences in your niche.

10. If you don't start making money right away, that's okay. It takes most people years and many give up before it happens. Just keep going.

11. There are TONS of resources out there for new bloggers. Pick 3-5 that you love and concentrate on those so you don't get overwhelmed. (I promise that the rest won't be offended.)

12. Put together a team of folks that can assist in managing your site when you're sick or out of town or it simply gets too overwhelming. If you can't pay, that's okay. Find people that will volunteer or work for trade until then.

13. Keep faith and family first.

14. Learn from your mistakes and use them to teach others.

15. Whether you're an introvert or extrovert, you're going to get outside of your comfort zone (it's a good thing).

16. Keep a running list of blogging-related tasks that you can complete when you're not working on posts.

17. Continually feature other bloggers on social media and your blog. Learn from others instead of trying to compete with them.

18. Give out enough for free so that a) you don't feel robbed and b) your readers feel like they should've paid. Win-win.

19. Be honest about yourself and your life. Share your struggles. Your people know you're not perfect; show them.

Self-Love, Self-Employment, and Mental Health

20. You WILL fail something at some point. Your journey will have its ups and downs. You will need to take risks and it will be worth it.

21. Start building your list from day one. Don't wait until you have an audience. (This is how you grow your audience!)

22. Learn the life/blog/biz balance as you go. It won't happen overnight.

23. Develop a self-love practice to keep you motivated and encouraged. Be your biggest fan.

24. Don't leave your day job until you follow the proper steps. Trust me on this one.

25. Research and invest in the right tools to automate your business (so that you can focus on creating awesome stuff).

26. You will be approached by brands about reviews. Go with your gut and only accept the offers that feel good and fair.

27. Whatever you do, don't quit. Keep going. The world needs you.

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