Wednesday, September 2, 2015

August 2015 Blog Traffic & Income Report

Loudmouth Lifestyle Blog Traffic and Income Report Stephanie Shar

Welcome to my monthly traffic and income report, in which I tell you exactly how much I made over the past month from my blog and businesses.

I've been blogging here at The Loudmouth Lifestyle for a little over four years and coaching for a little under eight months. I've helped 15 wantrepreneurs start their dream jobs thus far, and am currently booking new clients for October.

Read on to see what else I've been up to and what I learned in August.


I began publishing my profit two months ago because I was suddenly making less after a solid start to the year. I thought that taking the time to manage my money could possibly allow me to earn more (and so far, it's working). What you concentrate on tends to multiply, which is why I choose to focus on the positive.

I've been reading and working through Kate Northrup's Money: A Love Story which addresses a lot of the mental blocks and emotional habits that damage our relationship with money. I brought it with me to Stratejoy Summer Camp, hosted by my favorite life coach Molly Mahar, which was completely powerful and life-changing. My cabin is already planning our reunion for next year. :)

It's now September, which means Trey's first birthday is coming up! It seems like just yesterday I was coming home from the hospital with that tiny nugget in my arms. Now he's practically a toddler. I used to want to be big and important and, well, famous -- but now, as long as he's my biggest fan, I'm happy.

We also just signed another 12-month lease on our townhouse, and if we're going to be here another year, I might as well decorate (and organize like whoa). That can only mean one thing: Pinterest. My new fave site, Simons, has the cutest bathroom accessories so I've been keeping track of those for T.

Follow Loudmouth Coaching's board Home Decor + DIY on Pinterest.

I'm enjoying life with my little family while continuing to work smart instead of hard. Brandon and I have come up with a new work schedule for ourselves and it's keeping my stress level to a minimum. Hooray!

Even though I share much of my personal life on social media, it's always fun to show a behind-the-scenes peek here on TLL. I'm looking forward to the future and have lots of ideas, but more about that later.


According to Google Analytics, I received 4,081 pageviews last month from 1,780 people:

Google Analytics Traffic Report

These were your 10 favorite posts:

Loudmouth Lifestyle Popular Post

I'm so glad you enjoyed the free Blogging Basics course. Here's lessons one, two, and three if you missed 'em. This month, stay tuned for Social Media September! (I srsly love alliteration, you guys.)


Here's where I'm at with my followings (changes in bold):

11,095 Twitter ^32
2,514 Pinterest ^41
2,361 Instagram (personal) ^64
917 Facebook (personal) ^122
844 Facebook (business) ^84
473 Bloglovin' ^7
223 Instagram (business) ^2
193 Google+ ^8
66 YouTube ^3
52 Periscope n/a

We now have about 60 members in our Loud Ladies community:

But Periscope has quickly become my favorite social network, hands-down.

It used to be Instagram, but I've been neglecting it because 'scoping is so much more instant and interactive. I love giving you LIVE tips and advice and getting your feedback. Be sure to follow me @stephanieshar if you haven't yet -- I'm there almost every day with exclusive content!


I now have 86 subscribers (up from 63 last month).

SumoMe definitely helped with this and it's super simple to use. Next up, I'll be investing in LeadPages and the PAID version of MailChimp (so many valuable features!). Speaking of investments...


I literally made $0 from my shop last month, so here is a lovely screenshot of my sales (or lack thereof).

I'm laughing right now so that I don't cry. Lol.

(Gumroad has a payment threshold of $10.)

Since TLL bombed in this arena, let's just talk about Mary Kay, okay?

August 2015 MK Earnings:

Personal sales: $227.82
Team commission: $0.00
Other: $218.95

Total Gross Revenue: $446.77

August 2015 MK Expenses:

Meeting dues: $20.00
Promotional materials: $19.15
Inventory: $72.24
Transportation: $55.03
Company events: $0.00
Office supplies: $0.00
Postage: $11.48
Coaching calls: $0.00
Website maintenance: $13.31

Total Expenses: $191.21

Total Net Profit: $255.56

I also sold a bunch of stuff on eBay, indicated under the 'other' category.

Added to my expenses next time will be sessions with Ashley of Firework People (to help hone my vision) and Halley of Evolve + Succeed (to help adjust my marketing plan). Two completely different badass babes that can assist in both the emotional and practical sides of my biz. Coaches need coaches, y'all.


If you haven't heard yet, I'm coming out with a brand new e-course and coaching program for the woman wantrepreneur itching to start a service-based online business (with no idea where to start).

It's called Quit + Commit: From Self-Doubt to Self-Employed in 90 Days. Sign up here to be notified as soon as it launches! This is the step-by-step guide I wish I'd had 3 months before leaving my day job.

PS: I was going to open registration September 1st, but I'm waiting until I have over 200 people on my list. So, help a sister out and spread the word! I know people need this, we just need to find them. ♥
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