Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Introducing #30daysoftodos, a New Instagram Challenge for Women Wantrepreneurs

My mission is to help you quit your day job and start a creative, service-based online business that makes an impact. But if you want to turn your side hustle into a full-time career, you need routine, structure, and supercharged self-discipline!

The hard truth is, the biggest obstacle you need to overcome when going from wantrepeneur to entrepreneur is your own mentality. Your thoughts dictate your actions. In order to act like a boss, you need to THINK like a boss. And that can be hard to do when you're just getting started and you feel like a big fat phony.

That's why it's time for a 30-day challenge that will force you to make big, bossypants decisions on the daily. (It's also going to be a lot of fun, I assure you.)

Y'all should know by now that I'm a huge fan of writing tasks down. You may have noticed that lately I've been teaching you (through Periscope, bimonthly Twitter chats, the private Google+ group and our VIP newsletter) about my habitual way of crafting the to-do list. Unfortunately, I've also been complaining a lot about Instagram.

Well, I'm ready to get my IG mojo back. And for the past few days, I've been obsessed with 'gramming my colorful, epic to-do lists. Put all this together and voilĂ , you have #30daysoftodos: a photo challenge in which I'm daring you to make your to-do list each day, photograph it, and share it with the world on Instagram!

Pin the image below to spread the word and invite your blogging besties.

Why is this important? Because, as a solopreneur, you NEED to get used to organizing your day. Every day. You're your own boss, right? It's about damn time you become the master of your to-do list and create goals that you can totally destroy every single day.

There's no prize, no race, no winner. Just a group of badass biz babes that you can find community and collaboration with. I can't wait.

So, will you join me in posting your to-do list every day for 30 days? The challenge runs Oct 1-30 on Instagram, and be sure to use the hashtags #30daysoftodos, #liveloudly, and #loudladies so we can find you.
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