Saturday, September 5, 2015

Social Media September: Free Webinar Tomorrow with Jessica Says & The Passion Junkie!

I wasn't asked to do this...

But, my lovely friend Jessica Johansen of Jessica Says is co-hosting a webinar tomorrow with Fab Giovanetti of The Passion Junkie and I knew I had to tell you guys about it. It's called The Top 6 Tools You NEED to Rock Social Media On a Tight Schedule.

I mean, how perfect is that? Could there BE a better way to kick off Social Media September? I think not. (Great timing, universe.) Plus, Jess has an awesome e-course starting soon called Hack Your Blog that I highly recommend.

SO many creative people doing cool stuff lately. I'm planning to hop on the webinar train soon myself, but for now you can find me on Periscope at least once a day.

Oh, and you totally need to enter the Webinar Rockstar giveaway by Mariah Coz. Take two minutes and go do it. Seriously. Right now. (I know I'm being bossy but there's $1500 worth of courses, gear, and software up for grabs y'all.)

Okay, hope to see you tomorrow in the webinar chat and have a great weekend!

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