Wednesday, September 30, 2015

How To Be at Your Most Productive When Working From Home (Guest Post)

While we may love the initial feeling of being in the comfort of our own personal surroundings, the novelty of working at home can quickly wear off. It can be easy to become unmotivated and our attention can be diverted if we’re not fully prepared. Read on for some simple suggestions on what can be done to ensure we stay productive when working away from a traditional office.


Before you get down to business, you should establish an area in your home where you can shut the door and concentrate solely on the job at hand. Being slumped over the kitchen table doesn’t always cut it, therefore investing in some high quality furniture will help you create the ideal environment. You’ll want to feel comfortable and content, so a suitably sized desk and a supportive, adjustable chair may be more appropriate. Not sure where to start? Visit for inspiration on how you can furnish your home office to suit you. Also remember to keep your work setting clean and clutter free. A tidy desk helps for a tidy mind; maintain an organised and orderly attitude to stay focused and heighten your productivity.


It’s important to make a conscious effort to reduce the chance of disruption during your working day. It’s easier to focus when our surroundings are calm and quiet, so resist the temptation to turn on the TV or listen to music while you work. Ensure your family and friends respect your privacy in order for you to concentrate, and don’t feel guilty ignoring the doorbell or an incoming phone call. We’re less likely to procrastinate if we don’t have anything around us to lead us astray.


Wake up early to allow yourself time to eat a nutritious and filling breakfast before you settle down to work. Having a bite to eat before you start will keep you feeling energised and motivated, as well as preventing any urges you may have to wander away from your desk throughout the day. You should look the part too. You wouldn’t wear your pyjamas to the office, so get dressed to be ready for the day ahead. Create a routine you can stick to each day that will be effective in keeping you on track. Be sure to include frequently scheduled breaks and a planned lunchtime.

Also make sure you decide on a time to shut down your computer and turn in for the evening. This will form a separation between work and your home life, allowing you to relax once the day is over.

By taking these simple tips into account, you should soon succeed in becoming more productive while working from home.

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