Saturday, October 10, 2015

10 Small Steps to Shift From Wantrepreneur to Entrepreneur By Next Week

Let me give you a quick English lesson. The word 'entrepreneur' simply means, according to a person who organizes and manages any enterprise, especially a business, usually with considerable initiative and risk.

For some reason, this term has been defined in a myriad of ways lately. But according to the true definition, all of us bloggers and online business owners are some type of -preneur, because we each run our own enterprise (and if you're confused about THAT one, it means 'a project undertaken or to be undertaken, especially one that is important or difficult or that requires boldness or energy').

So, as long as you are working on a project, you are an entrepreneur. The only thing keeping you in wantrepreneur mode is the fact that you haven't started yet!

This is exciting news, #loudlady. All you need to do is take that first step. And today, I've got 10 that you can check off by the end of the weekend. I've even created a worksheet you can download to help keep track of everything. I'm super stoked for you.

And now, without further ado, here's your Saturday homework (#sorrynotsorry).


If you haven't yet figured out which niche your biz belongs to (or you're considering a re-brand), think about what you're good at, what you like to help people with, and what you could talk about for hours on end without getting bored. Also, think about how your interests can be profitable; I'm pretty passionate about eating, but I don't think anyone would pay me to stuff my face all day (that'd be awesome though).

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Wanna know a secret? I usually pick the name of my project before I even get started on the content, whether it's an e-course, e-book, blog post or newsletter. Once I know what the topic is and what I'm naming it, everything else starts to flow and fall into place. If you haven't yet chosen a name for your business, now's the time. Be sure to check that the domain and social handles aren't taken yet.

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Who can you tell about your new business who will be totally supportive and encouraging? Maybe it's a parent, your significant other or sibling. Saying it out loud will make your entrepreneurial endeavor more real and exciting. You don't have to tell everyone, but it's important to have someone to celebrate with! If you don't have that one special person 'in RL' who will understand and not think you're totally crazy for trying something new, then turn to your online buddies (see my next point).

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It's easy to connect with other like-minded babes through Facebook groups, Google+ communities, Twitter chats, Periscopes, and (my new favorite) webinars! Don't be afraid to compliment other ladies on what they do or reach out for a collaboration. Other bloggers and online business owners are seriously the nicest people ever. We're all in this together, and I'm sure you'll find someone to click with if you just try. You'll want to have someone to keep you accountable and cheer you on as you start your journey.

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Preparation and planning is key. If you haven't started one yet, pick up a cute planner and/or implement a helpful app like Trello or Asana. Get in the habit of writing down what you're going to post about and when. Don't just plan out blog posts, either; you should also incorporate social media statuses, newsletters, and videos. Being your own boss is a million times easier (and more fun) when you give yourself a game plan.

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It's time to create your website (Blogger is free and Squarespace is cheap), order business cards ( always has good deals), and get some headshots taken (grab a friend or recruit a college student to snap some for you). We live in a super resourceful society and, seriously, there are constantly new ways popping up to do things free or cheaply. Of course, you definitely want to invest some dollars into your business eventually -- but you also need to start with what you have, right where you are. Don't forget to also carve out a corner of your home specifically for business, even if it's a TV tray in your bedroom.

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We all have our blogging idols (Halley, Melyssa, Maya and Mariah are just a few of mine). Who are yours? Pick a few peeps that you truly admire and study how they do things. Don't compare or copy, obvs. But take the time to get inspired by others and how they work their businesses. What did they do to get where they are? What can you do to get there, too? Ask them questions or, better yet, hire them to teach you their ways.

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Just as you should be studying other blogs, you should also be investing in education like books or e-books, e-courses or masterminds, and (shameless plug coming) coaching. As aforementioned, hiring someone to teach you what to do is a lot faster and easier than observing from afar (and trying to figure it out on your own). Even if you don't have hundreds of dollars, there are plenty of digital resources out there for single-digit prices. If there's a blogger or biz owner you really like, check out their offerings and see which one could teach you the most about what you need to learn. And no matter how long you're been in business, it's important to continue your education, especially since the internet changes every day.

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You don't wanna do free forever, but until you build enough trust to get people to buy from you, you will want to give some complimentary products or services. You have to spend money to make money in any business, and for the first 1-2 years you will probably have a hard time breaking even (just being honest here). But, the more experience you have, the more dollars you can charge. So, give your people tons of value for $0 until they're begging to give you money. And trust me, testimonials are good as gold. You'll want those on your site.

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It's time to get uncomfortable. In order to establish yourself online, you need to put yourself out there -- meaning, hang out where your potential clients hang out. Get in front of them. Feel the fear and do it anyway. Nothing works as well as live video, so get on Periscope today. Plan your first webinar. Take your ego out of the equation and blast through your comfort zone. It all starts with choosing to start.

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