Monday, November 9, 2015

5 Mindset Strategies for Thinking Like an Entrepreneur So You Can #LiveLoudly Like a #Boss (The #3tofree Series)

You started your service-based online biz because you wanted to have fun, help people, and make money. But it's hard to serve someone who doesn't know you exist.

Here's the thing: In order to stand out, be loud, and get noticed, confidence is key. And you can't act confident without first having a confident mindset.

Bottom line? Mastering your mindset is ESSENTIAL for entrepreneurship.

You could take every e-course on the planet about selling, but if you're too afraid to step out, you won't make a damn dime.

And the problem with fear is that it's sneaky. You might be reading this thinking your self-esteem is just fine, but if you're not consistently pulling in traffic (read: fresh eyeballs) on your stuff, then you're not putting yourself out there enough.

The internet is so awesome because it's like this huge, free database of clients. It's time you take advantage of it... but before you do that, you need to get your mind right.

You have to be mentally strong in order to continue working your biz and not give up at the first sign of failure. The question isn't whether or not you'll fall; it's, will you be able to pick yourself up and keep going when it happens?

Whether you're a designer, photographer, copywriter, consultant, or any other service-based babe, this series (and my limited time 3-month coaching package, details below) are for you. First up: 5 strategies you can't live without when it comes to thinking like a #loudlady. Practice them for kick-butt confidence.


Here's mine: "I am strong, I am capable, and I am worthy." Feel free to borrow it.

Your mantra doesn't have to be a page-long set of affirmations. Create something simple that you can remember. Make it a sentence that feels empowering and positive -- something that you WANT to hear yourself say, again and again. Repeat it in the morning, at night, and whenever you feel you need it.

I tell myself mine pretty much constantly. Try it!


Success and business books are my jam. I've always loved self-development. Becoming a better leader and a better businesswoman is super important to me. If you're not a bookworm like moi, you can find encouraging speeches (like TED talks or old Oprah episodes) on YouTube. Need ideas for future inspirational reads? Check out this list I made or follow me on Goodreads.


I can count the amount of blogs I read regularly on one hand. I am constantly unfollowing and unsubscribing. I'm not trying to be mean, I simply don't have the energy to constantly consume what everyone else creates. When you're attempting to cultivate your own community and curate content, it can be distracting to immerse yourself in someone else's stuff.

Pick only 3-5 "blogging idols" or mentors to look up to and learn from their expertise. Same goes for friends and family; you don't need to allow everyone into your space. Stick with the people that keep you going and support you positively. Get rid of anything or anyone that is not in alignment with your vision for your life and business. You're not being selfish. This is healthy.


Keep burnout at bay by taking breaks throughout the day and allowing yourself days off and vacations. Clear your mind with yoga, meditation, devotions, prayer, journaling, or even an easy walk outside. Take a drive without the radio. Sit and sip your coffee alone. A confident, happy mindset is a clear and calm one.


It's crucial to have a community of #bloggingbesties that support you, but it's even more important to invest in a coach who has been where you are and knows where you need to go next. Anyone who hopes to help people also needs help themselves. Coaches need coaches. It doesn't matter how many freebies you download and blog posts you read and books you order from Amazon -- none of those things are specifically about you, your business, YOUR situation, YOUR wants and needs.

That's why I've created Three Months to Freedom, or #3tofree: 6 sessions of straight-up, one-on-one business motivation coaching for 3 powerful women who want the freedom to stand out and start serving online. You in? (I'll also be around all week with more blog posts + 'scopes for ya.) Click here to spread the word or just RT below. :) I can't WAIT to be your partner-in-crime and help you with your goals.

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