Tuesday, November 3, 2015

October Blog Traffic & Income Report (Or, How I Brought in 7x My Normal Revenue Last Month)

Today is the day I go through my bank accounts and add up everything I've made and spent over the past month. Welcome to my monthly traffic and income report, in which I tell you the exact numbers regarding my blog and businesses.

I've been writing here at The Loudmouth Lifestyle for nearly five years and coaching for 10 months. I hit a milestone in October and brought in over $1,500 while completely self-employed ($1,594.43 to be exact). Of course, that's before expenses, which I have detailed completely below (along with traffic, hours, followers and other stats).

Read on to see what else I've been up to and what I learned in October!


First off, thanks to everyone who took the time to be open and honest in my 2015 Annual Reader Survey. It was so fun and interesting to analyze your results, and most importantly, now I know what you want more of from me. I'm really excited to turn your feedback into ideas for 2016!

If you're curious, here's what you had to say:

 photo The Loudmouth Lifestyle Survey Results.png

Any last-minute thoughts? Let us know!


According to Google Analytics, I received 4,674 pageviews last month from 1,974 people:

These were your 10 favorite posts:

My top referral sources (in order) were Twitter, Bloglovin', Pinterest, Facebook, and Google:

No clue what some of that other stuff is, to be honest. Ideas?

Quick tip: Cleaning out my Pinterest boards and using Board Booster to automatically pin really upped my traffic there. Thanks go to Melyssa and Jackie for these suggestions.


Here's where I'm at with my followings:

11,312 Twitter @loudmouthblogs ^133
2,704 Instagram @stephanie_shar ^209
2,668 Pinterest @stephanieshar ^52
1,054 Facebook /stephanie.loudmouth ^77
925 Facebook /stephaniesharblogs ^25
301 Instagram @loudmouthblogs ^74
216 Periscope @stephanieshar ^71

I'm only keeping track of the social networks that have been most popular with my audience (AKA, you). I am also putting together a masterclass on my social media strategy soon, because I've been able to consistently grow my audience month after month and I have gotten a lot of questions about that!

Quick tip: Make sure that your social media accounts are in alignment with your online business goals. You need to be sharing information that your ideal client would want from you. View your networks as marketing tools where you can find people who would benefit from your community.


I now have 215 subscribers. Wahoo! But seriously, I'm excited (don't laugh).

Quick tip: If you're having trouble growing your list, try teaming up with other babes in your niche and host free webinars! We had three in October and they were super fun + informative. Don't forget to stay legal by putting a disclaimer on the opt-in page before adding peeps to your list. Gotta get that permission, lady.


I thought it might be fun to go back and see how my profit has grown this year! Also, October was the first month that I kept track of my hours (more about that in a sec).

Here's how I did over the last 5 months.

JUNE Revenue: $117.50 / Profit: $92.52
JULY Revenue: $520.06 / Profit: $235.66
AUGUST Revenue: $446.77 / Profit: $255.56
SEPTEMBER Revenue: $213.96 / Profit: $62.47
OCTOBER Revenue: $1,594.43 / Profit: $230.35

I obviously can't promise that you'll make more or less than this; keep in mind these figures are based on my own journey. Our lives are all different and I strive to keep myself from comparing.

Scroll down for the October breakdown between TLL and my Mary Kay business.

October 2015 Earnings:

Sponsored posts: $140.00
E-books and workbooks: $7.70
E-course: $241.15
Coaching: $506.10

Total TLL Revenue: $894.95

Personal sales: $537.37
Team commission: $0.00
Other: $162.11

Total MK Revenue: $699.48


October 2015 Expenses:

Photobucket: $4.99
Dropbox: $9.99
Hootsuite: $29.51
Coaching: $299.00
Mastermind: $100.00
Education: $97.00
Transportation: $59.52
Stock photography: $3.00
Office supplies: $70.56
Other: $26.00

Total TLL Expenses: $699.57

Meeting dues: $20.00
Promotional materials: $2.62
Inventory: $406.41
Transportation: $28.84
Company events: $0.00
Marketing events: $15.00
Office supplies: $0.00
Postage: $31.35
Coaching: $20.00
Other: $140.29

Total MK Expenses: $664.51


(TLL Revenue + MK Revenue) - (TLL Expenses + MK Expenses) = Total Net Profit: $230.35

I invested a lot back into my businesses last month, but I 100% believe that it's worth it. As an online business owner, you need to continue educating yourself, especially since the blogosphere changes so quickly. If you have any ideas for my monthly money reports, or if you have any questions in particular, feel free to contact me and I'll address them to the best of my ability.

I worked 148.75 hours in October, which averages out to be 37.2 hours per week or 4.8 hours per day. I've mentioned before that my goal after quitting my full-time job was to work less than the 60 hours I used to do, so yeah. This is cool! Pretty much living the dream.


I know a lot of you were surprised when I mentioned on social media that I'm taking a long break over the holidays to rebrand my online presence and say goodbye to TLL.

December 30 marks my 5-year blogiversary, and so much has changed. This site has gone from fashion to lifestyle to life coaching to business coaching, and I no longer feel that the name matches my intentions. I'm really excited to move forward and try something new; it's bittersweet.

Thank you for supporting me during this half-decade (whoa!) and I can't wait to see what's in store for ALL of us in 2016.

Next week, I'm celebrating with a few last value-packed posts and 'scopes for you. I also have a big announcement planned, so make sure you get on the VIP list and follow me on Periscope. You don't want to miss this!
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