Friday, November 13, 2015

Watch This Week's Periscope Replays, Which Are Basically Free Group Coaching Calls (The #3tofree Series)

Are you a service-based biz who needs a side-hustle action plan? Well, you're in luck, because this past week was all about YOU. Not only did we discuss a few things here on the blog (like mindset strategies for thinking like an entrepreneur, unique ways to make the most of your side hustle right now, and why you shouldn't care what friends and family think of your online business) but I was also over on a Periscope a lot, hanging out and answering your questions about self-employment.

By the way, thank you Halley for this tweet because I totally copied it.

Anyway, in the 8 videos below (from the last 5 days and beyond), you'll learn:

  • The two most important things I would tell someone starting a new biz
  • Why I'm rebranding The Loudmouth Lifestyle and what I'm doing in the meantime
  • My favorite new lip color for the season :)
  • Why long-term vision is crucial to current success
  • What my coaching style is like and how it's different from others
  • How your personal life can affect your professional life
  • The five main areas of health and how to maintain them
  • How to DIY design a bold, badass blog for your brand
  • The secret way I organize and color-code my schedule to work less than 6 hrs/day

Plus, you might recognize the last one as being the free workshop Samantha and I did about a month ago; the replay was only supposed to be available for a limited time for those on my VIP list, but I've included it here just because I love you.

If you have any other questions, don't forget that the only way to work with me personally is to sign up for Three Months to Freedom, or #3tofree: 6 sessions of straight-up, one-on-one business motivation coaching for 3 powerful women who want the freedom to stand out and start serving online.

Together, we'll focus on your future vision and map out the short-term goals to get you there. Registration ends Sunday, and coaching calls start next week!

Until then, enjoy these...

The Loudmouth Lifestyle is Ending & I'm Not Sad (starting at 2:24)

How to Think Like an Entrepreneur So You Can #LiveLoudly Like a Boss (starting at 1:34)

The Perks of Being Self-Employed (starting at 0:24)

4 Ways to Make Your Home Office More Relaxing & Productive (starting at 0:51)

Q+A About Coaching, Blogging, Business Part 1 (starting at 1:40)

Q+A About Coaching, Blogging, Business Part 2 (starting at 1:23)

4 Things to Make Entrepreneurship More Relaxing & Productive (starting at 0:29)

How to Transition From Employee to Entrepreneur Professionally & Personally (starting at 12:51)
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