Wednesday, January 27, 2016

December 2015 Blog Traffic & Income Report

Welcome to my monthly traffic and income report, in which I tell you the exact numbers regarding my blog and businesses. I've been writing here at The Loudmouth Lifestyle for five years, coaching other creatives for one, and I've had a network marketing business (Mary Kay, which I freakin' LOVE) for 10 months now.

I brought in $1,499.91 while completely self-employed in December. Of course, that's before expenses, which I have detailed completely below (along with traffic, hours, followers and other stats). Read on to see what else I've been up to!


I had a very fun, fulfilling holiday season. Back when I worked "normal" jobs, I rarely got Christmas Day off, let alone the whole week. But I let myself relax while my sister was in town, and though I catered to my MK customers, I did not post to the blog once.

Even though I had more personal sales this month than ever, my numbers were overall very low. I have no regrets, however; I am really glad I got to enjoy the month to the fullest!

PS: I had a lot more to say in my last report, so go check that out if you want to know what else is going on in my life. If you don't care about behind-the-scenes drama, continue on and I won't be offended (promise).


Okay, time for some stats!

According to Google Analytics, I received 1,780 pageviews in December from 1,218 people:

My top referral sources (in order) were Pinterest, Twitter, Google, Facebook, and StumbleUpon.

Fun fact... I used to think that Pinterest and Instagram were totally useless to my brand, but they're starting to become a couple of my favorite social media sites. :) I'll be talking more about that during next month's 21-day challenge and live masterclass.


Here's where I'm at with my followings:

11,397 Twitter @loudmouthblogs ^12
3,342 Instagram @stephanie_shar ^186
2,717 Pinterest @stephanieshar ^20
1,549 Facebook /stephanie.loudmouth ^29
1,052 Facebook /stephaniesharblogs ^121
325 Periscope @stephanieshar ^11

My next social media goal is to have at least 5,000 followers on each platform, but I want 10,000 by the end of the year because I'm greedy. ;) Lovely assistant Tracey is helping with this. We are no longer using the TLL business account on IG and solely focusing on building up my personal account, since it is mostly about biz stuff anyway.

Other things I'm not doing for my brand this year: a Google+ community or Twitter chat. Those were fun while they lasted, but times are a-changin' and I need to concentrate my efforts elsewhere.


Here's how I did over the last 6 months.

JULY Revenue: $520.06 / Profit: $235.66
AUGUST Revenue: $446.77 / Profit: $255.56
SEPTEMBER Revenue: $213.96 / Profit: $62.47
OCTOBER Revenue: $1,594.43 / Profit: $230.35
NOVEMBER Revenue: $487.95 / Profit: $90.38
DECEMBER Revenue: $1,499.91 / Profit: $19.30

I obviously can't promise that you'll make more or less than this; keep in mind these figures are based on my own journey. Our lives are all different and I strive to keep myself from comparing.

Scroll down for the December breakdown between TLL (soon to be OYB!) and my Mary Kay business.

December 2015 Earnings:

Sponsored posts: $100.00
The 30-Day Guide to Bolder Blogging workbook: $0.00
Blog consulting: $0.00
Motivation coaching: $410.00
Other: $0.00

Total TLL Revenue: $510.00

Personal sales: $923.64
Team commission: $12.47
Other: $53.80

Total MK Revenue: $989.91


December 2015 Expenses:

Photobucket: $4.99
Dropbox: $9.99
Hootsuite: $29.99
Mastermind: $100.00
Advertising: $5.18
Transportation: $152.48
Postage: $15.77

Total TLL Expenses: $318.40

Inventory: $1,004.64
Transportation: $22.35
Postage: $95.60
Office supplies: $19.62
Training events: $20.00

Total MK Expenses: $1,162.21


(TLL Revenue + MK Revenue) - (TLL Expenses + MK Expenses) = Total Net Profit: $19.30

I worked 91.67 hours in December, which averages out to be 20.7 hours per week or 2.96 hours per day. I am probably working double that this month to make up for it. ;)

Any questions, babe? You can contact me here, purchase The 30-Day Guide to Bolder Blogging here, or sign up for one-on-one coaching here.
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