Saturday, February 6, 2016

5 Simple Steps to a Consistent, Cohesive Instagram Feed That Serves

Week one of #21DaystoSocialSuccess over on Periscope has been all about Instagram, and I'm having lots of fun telling you how I went from a random, ugly feed (and a few hundred followers) to a consistent, cohesive one (and a few thousand).

So far, I've shared the five easy steps you MUST take when rebranding your grid to be more aesthetically pleasing and purposeful:

1) Make what you do and how you can help extremely clear.
2) Choose 1-2 specific topics to focus on and post about.
3) Pick 2-3 colors that reflect the mood of your brand.
4) Use the same filter for ALL of your photos.
5) Add 30 relevant hashtags to your caption. Every time.

Check out the videos below, which include detailed explanations, fun discussions, and of course -- my favorite hoodies. I love being able to interact with you live, though, seriously. It's such a blessing. Make sure you follow me so you don't miss out on the rest of the challenge, k?

Speaking of which, #SideHustleSocial (my exclusive one-day masterclass on streamlining social media for service-based side hustlers) is going up in price NEXT WEEK. Sign up now for $67 before it increases to $97.

Hope to see you in there on March 6th, babe. I can't wait!

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