Tuesday, February 16, 2016

3 Little-Known Reasons Why Facebook is Still Important for Small Business Owners

Week two of #21DaysofSocialSuccess, the current free challenge I'm hosting over on Periscope, was all about Facebook. Thank you so much for joining in on the discussions. I'm having a blast and I hope you are, too!

I used to be a total hater of the 'book, I'll admit, but it's turned out to be pretty beneficial for my businesses. Here are three reasons why:

1) It's still the most popular platform with 1.591 billion monthly active users.
2) You can "sell without selling" by simply sharing updates with friends.
3) Facebook has private GROUPS, which are crucial for collaboration!

Check out the recordings below for details! And don't forget, registration for #SideHustleSocial (my exclusive one-day masterclass) ends NEXT WEEK. Sign up now for $197. I can't wait to help you streamline social media for your side hustle.

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