Tuesday, March 8, 2016

February 2016 Blog Traffic & Income Report (And How I Grew My Profit By 500% in a Month)

Welcome to my monthly traffic and income report, in which I tell you the exact numbers regarding my blog and businesses. I've been writing here for five years, coaching other creatives for one, and I have a network marketing business, too.

I brought in $777.45 while completely self-employed in February. Of course, that's before expenses, which I have detailed completely below (along with traffic, hours, followers and other stats). Read on to see what else I've been up to!


According to Google Analytics, I received 1,914 pageviews last month from 1,118 people:

My top referral sources (in order) were Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, Google, and Bloglovin'.


Here's where I'm at with growing my followings:

11,410 Twitter @loudmouthblogs ^4
3,567 Instagram @stephanie_shar ^13
2,762 Pinterest @stephanieshar ^11
2,070 Facebook /stephanie.loudmouth ^24
373 Periscope @stephanieshar ^1

Last February, I made a goal to double my social media followings in a year. I can now say that I have successfully done that with Tumblr, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Facebook! (Which is funny, because I literally never do anything with Tumblr except connect it to my Instagram.)


Here's how I did over the last 6 months with revenue and profit.

SEPTEMBER Revenue: $213.96 / Profit: $62.47
OCTOBER Revenue: $1,594.43 / Profit: $230.35
NOVEMBER Revenue: $487.95 / Profit: $90.38
DECEMBER Revenue: $1,499.91 / Profit: $19.30
JANUARY Revenue: $827.66 / Profit: $35.04
FEBRUARY Revenue: $777.45 / Profit: $200.20

This is the MOST profit I've ever had (when you compare it to my revenue) with a margin of 26%. That might not seem like much, but I am excited! I'm finally more than breaking even.

  • There are a few reasons for this. First, I cut back on my expenses. I realized most of my money was going towards postage and gas. I started ordering supplies in bulk and saving multiple errands for less trips out, planning appointments with clients who live near each other, etc.

  • Secondly, I spent some time clearing out stuff and selling it on Facebook. Mostly old baby things. Yes, I said Facebook. It works so much better than eBay! I was surprised. If you have anything around the house to get rid of, just search local consignment groups in your area.

  • I also made a tough decision at the beginning of this year to cut my online business down to part-time and focus on Mary Kay full-time. Not only am I making more money through network marketing, but it's more fun and fulfilling for me. Through my years of blogging and building an online presence, I always felt as if something was missing in my career. As one of my entrepreneur idols Maya says, your passion can change, but your purpose stays the same.

My purpose has always been to encourage and empower women to become confident and bold in following their dreams, and MK allows me to do that while also catering to the extrovert in me. I can't spend all my days staring at a screen, but I still love writing and social media, which is why I'm not giving it up completely. This choice feels really good and right and I'm going with it. No regrets.

Scroll down for the February breakdown between TLL (soon to be OYB!) and my Mary Kay business. (Yes, I'm still rebranding my site even if it's becoming a side-hustle again, because a facelift is way overdue. Let's face it, I'm like THE only person in the universe still on Blogger!)

PS: These reports are INCREDIBLY helpful come tax time.

February 2016 Earnings:

Side Hustle Social™ masterclass: $95.00
The 30-Day Guide to Bolder Blogging workbook: $0.00
Blog consulting: $0.00
Motivation coaching: $0.00
Other: $61.25

Total TLL Revenue: $156.25

Personal sales: $581.38
Team commission: $0.00
Other: $39.82

Total MK Revenue: $621.20


February 2016 Expenses:

Dropbox: $9.99
MailChimp: $10.00
Website design: $100.00
Advertising: $15.00
Other: $5.55

Total TLL Expenses: $140.54

Inventory: $275.18
Transportation: $57.79
Postage: $41.76
Party supplies: $17.61
Training events: $0.00
Promotional materials: $0.00
Other: $44.37

Total MK Expenses: $436.71


(TLL Revenue + MK Revenue) - (TLL Expenses + MK Expenses) = Total Net Profit: $200.20

Any questions, #boldboss? You can contact me here, purchase The 30-Day Guide to Bolder Blogging here, or sign up for Side Hustle Social™ here.
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