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5 Things To Expect From A Locksmith Company

Be careful of locksmiths! Not all locksmith companies are what they claim to be. You could become a victim of a scammer who will take advantage of your situation. If and when you need to hire a locksmith there are several things to keep in mind and expect it of them.

1. Certification and Licensing


It pays to hire an expert, experienced, certified and fully licensed locksmiths Locksmith Toronto. You may pay more but you have peace of mind. You also benefit from expert, prompt services and professional advice. Hire a fraudster and a thief may get hold of your key imprints and burgle your house at leisure. Untrained locksmiths or those with mal-intent will take advantage by recommending that the lock is replaced because a key cannot be made or they may damage a lock. Either way, you are left with a bill for a higher amount. Licensed locksmiths have a reputation to maintain and you can expect them to be above board in all dealings.

2. Expect locksmiths to be fully insured


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It may happen rarely but it can. Locksmiths may damage expensive doors and may refuse to repair or replace it. Ask them if they are insured before they begin work. In case they cause damage you can file a claim.

If they are professionally qualified and licensed they will have insurance because they know the risks of their business. If damage does occur, they will gladly undertake repairs or replacement because they know insurance will take care of a major part of the cost.

3. Promptness, 24×7

Promptness, 24x7

There are times when you expect locksmiths to be prompt. You may be locked out of your house. Your house may be burgled. You have lost your car keys. You need immediate service. Your locksmith is expected to respond regardless of time, distance or season.

Just how would you feel if a locksmith you call will say that he is busy or that he will attend only during working hours? Professional locksmiths are likely to have a van on standby and also personnel to handle emergency calls.

4. Professional code of ethics

Professional code of ethics

If you have retained a locksmith for home security, he should respect the confidence you have reposed in him and maintain a code of ethics. He may have a duplicate set of keys for your house and car but he is expected to never make use of them or hand them over to anyone without your permission. Unscrupulous locksmiths must be avoided at all costs. You can get references and testimonials from genuine locksmiths who care for their reputation.

5. Guidance on security and implementation

Guidance on security and implementation

In the good old days, locksmiths handled only locks. Today, security is broader in scope. Expect professional locksmiths to be fully knowledgeable about various security measures and devices. You may expect them to provide guidance on the selection of security devices like motion sensors and video surveillance equipment as well as alarms and electronic biometric access systems.

A modern locksmith can also be said to be knowledgeable about security and devices to enhance the security of your premises.

Do not be afraid to check and ask.  A well-established locksmith company provides all answers.

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