5 Things to Leave Behind When You’re Packing for a Move

As your moving day approaches, one of the hardest decisions you have to make it what they need to take with you to your new premise and what needs to be left behind. Over the years you have loved in this place and have accumulated a lot of things. Some of these things are used on a day to day basis. Other items are seasonal while other items were only used once.  Once you have chosen your moving company, it is time to decide what you need to leave behind and what you need to take. Here is what not to pack when moving.

1.      Acids

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One of the things you do not need to move with is acids. This is because these are dangerous liquids and can easily spill during the move. If there is a spill, it can damage some of your items which can be expensive or impossible to clean. Also, leave behind any batteries as they are known to combust spontaneously. Remove the batteries from remotes and other items.

2.      Flammable Items

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You cannot move with anything that is flammable. These include gasoline, kerosene, oils, paint thinners and alcohol. Any equipment using any of these flammables is drained days before the move. Otherwise, you cannot take these items with you. Equipment that use flammables to operate include quads, weed eaters, lawn mowers, and snowmobiles among others.

3.      Pressurized Containers

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Do not pack any pressurized containers when packing for your move. This is one of the most important things in the list of what not to pack when moving. Hairsprays, cooking sprays, cleaning products, and fireworks all fall under this category and thus cannot be packed for moving. This is especially important if you are moving over a long distance as the moving trucks can get excessively hot which poses a hazard.

4.      Perishable Products

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Perishable goods are on the list of what not to take when moving.  It is important to go through your kitchen and pantry and try to use as much of the perishables as you can before the moving day. You can pack canned foods but everything else that is perishable needs to be disposed of if not used by the moving day. To avoid such loses and wastage of food, you can ensure you only buy what you can consume within the few days left before the move.

5.      Any Poisonous Substances

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It is ideal to dispose of any poisons you may have around the house.  Poisons pose a threat to the moving crew and anyone else that comes into contact with it. Rat poison, insecticides, weed killers and arsenic among other poisons should be properly disposed of before the moving day. Most of these things are not too expensive and can thus be replaced once you’re in your new area.

If you are moving locally, you can consider transporting these things on your own. This way, you will know what you are carrying and will take proper measures to avoid accidents. Overall, it is advisable, and safer to either dispose of them or give them away while you plan your move.

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