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6 Reasons Why SMS Marketing Works Like A Charm

SMS marketing can be of great benefit to your business. It helps to build better client relationships and also help generate leads. According to research, more than 67% of mobile phone owners constantly check their mobile devices alerts, missed calls, or messages. More than 77% of mobile phone users prefer using SMSs to communicate. This makes SMS marketing one of the most strategic marketing channels for any business. Here are some of the benefits of SMS marketing that your business can enjoy.

1.      Immediate Engagement

Immediate Engagement
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With SMS marketing, you reach your audience immediately you send out the SMS. 90% of recipients read their SMSs within the first 3 seconds of receipt. SMS messaging offers a great platform for promoting time-sensitive offers or sending out timely reminders to clients.

2.      Text Messages Are More Trusted

Text Messages Are More Trusted
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The text message open rate stands at 98%. Compared to emails open rate of 30%, this clearly shows that people trust text messages more than they do email and are more eager to open texts that they are emails. Therefore, sending text messages to your clients is a more promising marketing strategy than most.

3.      They Are Mobile Friendly

They Are Mobile Friendly
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In today’s mobile-centric world, the easiest way to reach people is through campaigns that are mobile friendly. Short messages are tailor-made for mobile devices. Therefore, you do not need to use applications and tools to make them ideal for mobile devices. SMSs give you an avenue to send 160-character messages that are tailored to your brand and are easy to understand.

4.      Versatility

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You can use SMS messages as powerful tools for the creation of immediate awareness and driving an action.  You can use tools like SendinBlue to personalize your SMS content for your recipients. This way, you are able to send out personalized messages to different clients to improve your conversion rates. This is one of the best benefits of SMS marketing.

5.      It Is Cost Effective

It Is Cost Effective
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Any will tell you that SMS texting is one of the most affordable forms of marketing campaigns in the market today. One message will cost you around 1 cent to send, and there are service providers who give offers on bulk SMS sending services. This makes SMS marketing very affordable, especially to small and medium-size businesses. You can reach thousands of clients through SMS texting for a very low cost.

6.      You Can Track Engagement and Delivery Rates

You Can Track Engagement and Delivery Rates
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With the positive response you can get from SMS marketing, it is important for you to track how effective your campaign is. Good SMS services offer real-time delivery reports for each SMS you send. Also, they will offer data for each SMS campaign you undertake. You can tell how many people have received your SMS texts and also the number that has unsubscribed as well as bounce rates. With this information, you can find ways to better package your SMS messages to make them more appealing to your clients. You can take remedial measures to reduce unsubscribe rates and increase delivery rates.

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