Alexa, Siri, And SEO: How Voice Search is Changing SEO?

The world of smartphone and smart gadgets is changing very rapidly owing to the way we access our devices. With the introduction of voice search in gadgets, people have become more efficient and productive. But, it has affected SEO as well.

The realm of SEO also goes under remarkable changes as the content that was created earlier using keyword won’t be the same within the next couple of years. Now, the content must be “voice search” friendly. To provide you with better knowledge, comes with the following guide to help you understand the effect of Alexa, Siri, and Google voice search on SEO.



Alexa is the voice search used in the Amazon sound output devices.

With the voice command, people can play music on it.



Siri is another voice search engine which belongs to Apple.

It is found in all the latest Apple devices such as iPhone, and iPad.



SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization.

It means creating search engine friendly content so that it shows in the results of a search and adds traffic to the website/blog.

Following information tells how voice search is changing SEO:

With the voice search around, SEO also gets an overhaul. Now, it won’t be like old days when SEO experts created content based upon keywords. Now, the writer can write the content based upon how people talk on social media accounts. For the writing purpose, don’t use industry jargons if you are writing for your counterparts. Use the words and phrases that people usually use.

Most of the voice-based searched are done on phones. When a person searches on the phone, they are usually looking for local business listings. Hence, while writing any content, it must be kept in the mind that local businesses are included in it.

Since most of the voice search is done on phones, it is essential that your website/blog is mobile friendly. The design of the website must be responsive so that the user sees the information in the same manner as they see it on their laptop/computer.

Use long-tail keywords in the article as it helps the search engine to narrow down the results to the relevant ones. Also, while using voice search, people talk in a casual way which must be kept in mind while creating the content so that conversational tone is maintained throughout the article.

 Shon Wisniewski
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The voice search option was introduced in phones first. Most of the users use the internet on their smartphones as it provides them with better accessibility while walking, eating or traveling. Hence, in order to improve the credibility of your content, ensure that it is mobile friendly, and perfectly fits in the screen of the phone to provide better readability.

According to a survey, over 90% of the smartphone users use voice search to find local businesses. The content about such businesses must be based upon local listing. When a person searches for a place, the voice search brings first those people that are in the vicinity of the user. Hence, it is essential that you write about local business entities in your content.


Don’t just keep standing and staring at the crossing of SEO accompanied by voice search when the train of “impact of voice search on SEO” passes by you. Seize the moment to jump into the train and follow the latest trend to have an edge over your rivals.

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