New Roof

How To Prepare Yourself For A New Roof

At some point, it is likely that you will have to have a new roof installed on your home, especially if you have an asphalt shingle roof. Although your trusted roofing company will take care of installing the new roofing materials for you, the project can still be disruptive. However, there are easy ways that you can prepare for your new roof that will make the project go more smoothly.

Preparing Your Yard

Removing old roofing materials means that you’ll likely find debris all over your yard, even if the roofers are working as carefully as possible. To avoid damage to your yard, putting a tarp over your delicate flowers or shrubs can help protect them and keep them looking healthy. If you have branches that hang low over your roof, consider having a tree trimmer come out to trim the branches back. Otherwise, the roofers may cut your branches so they can complete the project safely. Patio or porch furniture should be removed and stored. Finally, you’ll need to move any vehicles so your roofing contractors have access to your driveway for the duration of the project.
Preparing the Inside of Your Home

Although most of the possessions in your home should be safe, the roof installation can cause the walls to shake. This could potentially cause framed pictures or artwork to fall of the walls or even fragile objects to fall over and break. Consider taking your framed hanging pieces off the walls and temporarily storing fragile objects to prevent anything from breaking when the construction begins.
Before Your Roof Installation Project Begins

As you may know, construction work can be loud. You may wish to consider scheduling the work to take place when there is a lull in school or work. If this is not possible, consider taking a mini vacation and stay at a nearby hotel for a few days. It is also recommended that you consider this option if you have pets or small kids who may get in the way. Additionally, let your neighbors know ahead of time that you’ll be getting a new roof so they can make their own arrangements if necessary.

The materials for your roof installation project should arrive a few days before the project is scheduled to begin. Take a few minutes to confirm that you received the right type of materials and the right color. Confirm this with the roofing company and ask any questions you may have about your project at this point. Finally, inform your insurance company about your upcoming roofing project so they can update their records.

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