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How You Can Know If You Need To Replace or Repair Your Furnace

You might be wondering whether to go for furnace repair or replacement services. Same as many things in life, the fact is that it depends. As much as you might expect a heating company to advice replacement so that you end up buying new equipment, it usually is not the case. Regardless of the potential repair cost or age of your furnace, sometimes it makes a lot of sense to repair a piece of equipment. Below is a detailed look at when to consider repair or replacement.


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How old is your HVAC system?

Regardless of whether or not you are facing a repair, you should consider replacement if you have an air conditioner built before 1992 or a standing pilot furnace. In reality, your A/C is 8 SEER or less, and your furnace is around 65% efficient. While it is a matter of when and not if you will face a costly repair, the amount of money you will end up saving in energy costs is bound to help lessen the load of buying a new unit.You should consider replacement if you have a cracked heat exchanger in your furnace or a failing out-of-warranty compressor in your AC. Replacing either of these components is equal to performing a heart transplant. You should not spend a lot of money repairing older systems that feature components likely to leak or fail within a few years. In such cases, engaging the services of a professional furnace installation company is advisable. Although repairing such issues might be less costly than replacing the entire unit, it is not always a good investment, particularly if you are thinking long term. Additionally, new units usually feature a much higher efficiency and new warranties.

While replacement is recommended for the situations mentioned above, at times it is not that obvious. Knowing what to do when faced with some problems can prove challenging. To help you make the most suitable decision, below are a few guidelines.

Check the remaining lifespan

You can also follow one of the various rules of thumb to determine whether replacing or repairing makes the most sense. If the unit is beyond three-quarters of its lifespan and the cost of repair is bound to be more than a third that of replacing, you should consider replacement. As such, if you are facing a $750 repair and your furnace is 15 years old, it is probably better to replace the unit.

If you live in a newer home and you are still using a builder’s quality HVAC unit that makes your utility bills higher than necessary and your home uncomfortable, replacing the unit is probably the best option, regardless of whether or not it still has some life left. Although some 10-year-old units will need replacement due to poor installation or lack of proper maintenance services, some 20-year-old units can look and operate the same new ones as a result of proper maintenance. In such a case, having a highly trained and qualified technician from Climate Experts over to provide a professional and honest assessment of the equipment is your best option. Professional technicians know exactly what they are looking at and what to look for.

At the end of the day, deciding whether to repair or replace your furnace is something you should do based on your comfort, environmental, and financial needs.

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