Noises Associated With Common Plumbing Problems

Your home’s plumbing system is a marvel of engineering that use gravity, pressure and the natural flow of water to run consistently. However, sometimes the system can develop problems, which often produces strange sounds that tell you some adjustments or repairs need to be made. Here are just a few of the common warning sounds that plumbing systems can emit:

Whistling Sounds
Whistling sounds in plumbing occur when water flows past an obstruction or narrowing in the pipes very rapidly. This effect can happen when a washer inside a faucet or valve becomes distorted or when the brass screw that holds the washer in place has loosened. A homeowner may have some difficulty locating the problem faucet, which seems to come and go at odd moments. In this case, the homeowner should turn off all faucets and water sources, allowing the system to be completely at rest. Then, turn each faucet on and off to see if it makes the whistling sound. The screw may need to be tightened or some part replaced to get rid of the noise.

Banging Sounds
Banging sounds can be a disturbing result of plumbing system problems. Usually, banging occurs when water pressure occur rapidly in the plumbing, such as when a valve closes shut and that water continues to flow forcefully against it. This problem can often be fixed by shutting off the main water line and turning on the faucets to allow the water to flow out of the pipes in the house. Then, turn the main water line back on. If this does not correct the problem, consult with a plumber for other options.

Rumbling Noises
Rumbling sounds can occur when the water pipes are not secured to the walls properly, causing the pipes to vibrate when water pressure fluctuates. A plumber can locate the loose pipes and clamp them to the walls more securely. This problem can also be caused by water pressure that is too high. Adding an additional pressure valve to your plumbing system can correct the problem.

Chattering Sounds
Chattering sounds coming from your plumbing generally means there are loose or worn parts in faucets or pipes that require replacement. Call a reputable plumber to replace these items to quiet your plumbing system.

Gurgling Noises
Gurgling drains may be a sign that a blockage has occurred somewhere in the line or a private sewer system needs attention. A plumbing company can help to find the blockage or ensure that your sewer service is functioning properly.

If you are experiencing these symptoms in your plumbing system, contact an experienced plumbing service to locate the source of the problem, so you can avoid more expensive repairs later on. There are additional resources available at Express Rooter.

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