Let's face it: there's a lot that needs to be done when it comes to your business, and spending hours and hours hanging out on social media?

Ain't nobody got time for that.

People are always asking how I manage to grow my social media followings in an organic way (no ads, no gags, no gimmicks) even with multiple businesses to manage and a toddler to raise.

So, here's the deal -- I'm spilling ALL my social networking secrets during an exclusive, one-day masterclass.

I'll show you:
  • The scheduling platforms I use and how to use them most effectively
  • Why automating social media does NOT make you less human (and actually makes you more approachable/available to your readers!)
  • How to spend only an hour a day on social media (so you still have time for your full-time job, family, responsibilities and an in RL social life)
  • The best material to share on social media and why it's effective
  • Which hashtags you should be using and how many for each platform
  • The best times and days to be posting on social media (and how many times to post on each platform)
  • Every detail of my social media routine that has allowed me to more than double my followings over the past year (including real numbers/stats!)

As you can see, this workshop is SUPER detailed. I'll be giving you a step-by-step action plan that will work if you do the work.

The live class was being sold for $197, but right now you can get the replay for $27.

In this hands-on workshop + workbook, I'll be showing you EXACTLY how to double your social followings in 60 days (with only 60 min/day). Managing your side hustle isn't as hard as you think. Sign up for Side Hustle Social NOW by clicking HERE.

The thing is, content creation is just half the process. The other half is PROMOTING that content and expanding your reach online so that you can help more people.

Side Hustle Social™ is a one-day workshop that includes a two and a half hour class, worksheets, and everything I've learned about how to manage and automate your social strategy to reach the RIGHT people and gain followers who love you.

Don't miss out on this HUGE discount! Today you only pay $27.
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