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How to Write Kickass SEO Content

Want to successfully run your business online? You might want to learn how to do search engine optimization. Today, search engine algorithms are more complicated and there is a lot of competition online. You have to work much harder to build a successful online business than you had to 10 years ago. One of the ways to dominate the SERPs in your niche is to invest in kickass SEO content. Here are some powerful SEO content writing tips that can take your web presence to the next level.

1.     Ensure Your Keywords Are Up To Date

Ensure Your Keywords Are Up To Date
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The best way to make your website and content visible to search engines is by using relevant keywords. There are relevant keyword search tools you can use to know which keywords are mostly used in your niche and which ones will be most effective to your campaign. Using the right keywords will make your content search-engine ready, and this increases the chances of your content being found by online users.

2.     Update Yourself on the Stop Words

 Update Yourself on the Stop Words
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As you strive to make use of keywords, also ensure you take the time to learn about the latest stop words. These are simply words that are omitted. Ensure you know which words are omitted by Google and other relevant search engines and avoid using them in your URLs, image texts or tags.

3.     Avoid Keyword Stuffing

Avoid Keyword Stuffing
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While keywords are important for your content, stuffing a lot of them on your content can hurt your SEO rankings. While keyword stuffing used to work in the past, these days Google penalizes sites that use this strategy. Therefore, you need to find the perfect balance to ensure you’re making good use of your target keywords. Also, stuffing your content with keywords will discourage your visitors from reading your content as it may end up sounding unnatural.

4.     Use Meta Descriptions

 Use Meta Descriptions
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Meta descriptions are referred to as the subtitles for search engines. Make sure you use your target keyword for each page on your website in the meta description.  While it’s not a significant ranking factor, it does help search engine users determine what is on a page before clicking through. This can help bring more traffic to your website.

5.     Use Tags

Use Tags
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This is one of the most overlooked SEO content writing tips. If you use an image in your content, ensure that you tag the image with information that is relevant to the image and the article. You also need to tag any embedded content you use. Remember that SEO works with words and thus having meaningful titles for your embedded content can go a long way towards improving your rankings.

6.     Link Your Content

Link Your Content
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For every piece of content that you create, ensure that you link back to older content on your website. Ensure that the content you link back to is relevant to the post you’re writing. The link juice helps reinforce the relevance of your website for your target keywords. The links will also encourage people to stay on your website much longer as they click through to other posts. The time spent on your site per visit is one of Google’s ranking factors. The longer your visitors stay the better it is for you.

7.     Stick to Your Niche

 Stick to Your Niche
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While it may be tempting to offer people information on anything and everything, the best way to remain competitive is to focus on content that is relevant to your brand and market. This is the best way to ensure you target the right market and that you enjoy a steady flow of traffic. Make sure to observe how your content is performing and edit or replace any errors and make updates whenever possible. Visit for more SEO content writing tips.

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