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Shag Rugs Are The New Must Have

Shag rugs are most popularly known for their 70’s persona. They adorned living rooms across the world and the back of vans roaming the highways. Their soft and fluffy feeling was often coupled with the oranges, browns, and greens of the era. Today, shag rugs are making a comeback with some modern twists.

Committing to shag carpeting in an entire room can be challenging. For one, they are extremely difficult to clean. The wrong product can ruin the appearance and feel of the fabric, and stains will show more easily. Also, areas of the room that experience heavy traffic will flatten the typical shag look much quicker than other carpeting will wear away.

However, a shag rug eliminates many of these fears. A rug can be placed wherever a little extra padding or protection is needed. Because the rug is not a permanent fixture of the room, it is probably much cheaper than carpeting. It also won’t be as devastating if it does experience some sort of stain or destruction.

Shag rugs have become quite popular among the younger crowd. They are available in wide range of colors, so dorm rooms and apartments can have a soft shag rug in a bright pink or green for a neon splash. A small shag rug can make up for a lack of carpeting or be used on cold floors. These shag rugs are often of a cheaper quality and are less expensive so the college student or recent graduate can afford them.

Don’t think shag rugs are simply an ironic decorating piece utilized by simply the younger crowd. Shag rugs are making an appearance in top of the line home decorating industries. They are available in virtually any color so they can match any home decor. Whether this is black, blue, or even some sort of pattern, shag rugs are not stuck with the colors of the 70s. They also come in every shape and size to accommodate your specific purposes. You can invest in a large rug to cover the area of a room, or you can find a shag runner to add a cozy touch to the hallways.

A high quality shag rug will be very well made. The fibers will not get flattened as easily, and you will get instructions on how to clean it in order to preserve its colors and texture. Also, a shag rug can be taken to cleaners who specialize in carpets and upholstery. With the right care, you can enjoy the look and feel of your shag rug for years to come.

In the fashion and design industry, what goes around comes around. It was only a matter of time before shag rugs made their appearance in modern design. While they still may evoke thoughts of decades prior, the colors, shapes, and usage are modern and luxurious. When kept up, a shag rug will be the most comfortable surface of your entire home. It is soft, warm, and welcoming, qualities that do not disappear with time.

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