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Top 5 Advantages of Quartz Countertops

If you’re building a new house or remodeling your home, you’ll have a variety of options to explore when selecting your countertops. Though granite is still the most popular countertop material, engineered quartz countertops offer many of the same advantages as granite countertops. Quartz might, therefore, be the best material for you. To help you decide, here are five of the benefits offered.

1. Excellent design possibilities

Quartz is probably the best choice for those who want to get creative with their bathroom or kitchen countertops. Unlike natural stone, engineered quartz countertops offer an unmatched level of flexibility, meaning epoxy rather than screws can be used to hold the product in place. As a result, quartz can be used for backsplashes, walls and shower enclosures without visible seams. But since engineered quartz is heavier than almost every other stone product, installation can be a complicated process. As such, it’s best to leave quartz countertop installations to certified distributors.

2. Very low maintenance

Although some quartz countertops are made from quarried stone, a majority are man-made. The material is usually made from polymer resins and natural ground quartz. As an engineered material, quartz requires much less maintenance and care than natural materials like granite. Because it’s non-porous and does not need to be polished or sealed, quartz is very low maintenance. Your quartz countertop will still benefit from regular cleaning, especially if you use a non-abrasive cleaning pad and a stone-safe cleaner.

3. Non-porous and incredibly durable

Extreme durability is one of the greatest qualities of quartz. Unlike natural materials like granite, all of which are porous to some degree, quartz is actually non-porous, meaning it does not absorb liquids. As a result, you won’t have to worry about corrosion and stains from oils, household cleaning solutions, and other liquids. Being non-porous also adds to the hygienic benefits of quartz. The engineering process creates a material that’s ultra-durable and as close to indestructible as homeowners can get. Quartz countertop products are incredibly strong and scratch resistant, which is why they usually come with a manufacturer’s warranty. However, making use of a cutting board is still encouraged. You may be able to learn more at the Rockstella Stonery Inc. website.

4. Hygienic and easy to clean

Quartz allows for easy cleanup. You only need to wipe your countertop with water and regular soap. Quartz countertops are designed to prevent the growth of mold, mildew and bacteria. Some manufacturers mix antimicrobial compounds into the polymer resins and ground quartz. Although the use of a cutting board is encouraged, quartz countertop surfaces are safe for food preparation.

5. Low cost

Besides the fact that you won’t have to compromise on aesthetics to lower the cost, quartz is strong, versatile, and will not break the bank. Also, the average price of a quartz countertop will be around half the price of a granite countertop. In most cases, you can purchase quartz by the square foot, meaning you won’t have a big chunk of unused stone left over. Quartz countertop products are crafted using the desired color, pattern and texture, eliminating the need to cut around variations or defects. As a result, a quartz countertop involves fewer variables. Quartz means consistency, which unlike variables, will not run up the cost.

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