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Top 6 Benefits of Keyless Door Locks

Keyless door locks are getting very popular nowadays, but still the question that comes to mind before purchasing them is that what benefits they can offer over traditional key-based locks. Here we’re going to answer this question for you by analyzing the 6 benefits of keyless door locks. Let’s get started:

#1. Convenience


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Convenience is the very first advantage of keyless door locks. Given below are two major ways in which they make our life convenient:

  • No need to carry and lose the keys – just remembering a code is enough. And if your lock is fingerprint-enabled, then you don’t need to enter a code even as your finger becomes your code.
  • Provide access to anyone at your discretion. Share your code with them (which you can change later), or create a new user profile for them with their own code if they need to access the home regularly.

#2. Extra Security

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Keyless door locks also provide more security than traditional key-based locks. Many of them send real-time alerts if someone trying to access your home enters the wrong code 3 times, thus allowing you to see when and who attempted to enter your home forcibly. You can use that info to immediately alert the police.

Another way these locks add to the security of your house is by allowing you to easily change your key. You can change the access code frequently, which you can’t do with the keys of a traditional lock. Keep changing your code at regular intervals and it will be even more difficult to access your home without your permission.

#3. Saving of Time and Money

Saving of Time and Money
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With traditional key-based locks, you end up building keys multiple times. Sometimes because you need to share a key with someone, sometimes because of the loss of key, and sometimes because of some damage to the key.

That leads to wastage of precious time and money. Keyless locks save you from this hassle as well. Want to give someone a second key? Develop a user profile for him/her. Lost your key? Build another one by resetting the lock.

#4. Better Styling

Better Styling

Many of these locks also look great on the doors. They add a modern look to your home and show that you’re the one who adopts technology instead of shying away from it. The rise of touchscreens has also made these locks more stylish than they ever were. You can certainly find one that will look elegant on your doors.

#5. Durability

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Unlike traditional locks that come with many parts that can be prone to physical abuse or wear and tear, keyless locks come with few parts that may break down over time. They also remain more weather-proof and rust-proof. The durability of keyless door locks has been praised even by some of the most trusted and reputed locksmith so you can be assured about it.

#6. Tech meets tech

Tech meets tech

It’s also easy to integrate your keyless door locks with other security systems that may be installed in your home, something that can’t be achieved with key-based locks. Technology integrates well with other technologies, so keyless door locks make the cut from that perspective as well.


Keyless door locks are beneficial from many perspectives. They’re the way to go in 2018 and beyond, so if you want to make the security of your home futuristic then you must consider these locks seriously. Share your thoughts and experiences about them in the comments.


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