Top 7 Ways to Prepare for Your Move

Who likes to move? Unless you only have a coffeemaker, a few books and a couple of shirts, your moving experience will be difficult. The very first thing to ensure you have the best move possible is to hire the right movers, otherwise you will be heaving and sighing for days and weeks prior to, during and after your move. After that pertinent step, it is entirely up to you to make certain your two-bedroom move will proceed without any difficulties or hitches.

Here are the top seven ways to prepare for your move:

1. Start to Pack Right Now

Did you recently find a great apartment in the middle of the city? Are you relocating to the suburbs into a new house? Wherever you’re moving, it is important to begin packing right now. Gather your packaging supplies, create a packing schedule, store your goods and you’re ready.

2. Choose Your Mover Wisely

Although some argue that you should select a moving company first, it would be better to pack first and then get a moving firm. By doing this, you can provide detailed inventory and estimates and the business can give you the price-tag. Always choose your movers carefully!

3. Labeling is Your Biggest Task

One of the biggest headaches of moving is not being able to locate your things. Do you know why this happens? Because you don’t label. You must start to label in order to grab the most important items first, such as your toothbrush, your bowl or your pair of underwear.

4. Declutter Your Home by Shedding

Moving provides you with a great opportunity to declutter your home, shed your unwanted goods and make your move a bit lighter. Ultimately, you should remove items in your home that you haven’t seen or touched within the last 12 months, whether it’s those sneakers or that collection of Edgar Allan Poe stories and poems.

5. Moving Long Distance? Get Ready

If you’re heading to another part of the country, then here is a piece of advice: get ready. Whether it is finding the right long distance movers or getting your cat prepared for the heavy haul, preparation, like downsizing or planning ahead, is the best way to move to Newfoundland or Alberta.

6. Perform Some Moving Chores Beforehand

Let’s say that your move is planned for the 15th, but you have the keys in your possession on the 10th; this is a great opportunity to perform some rudimentary moving chores before the big move. You can save on time and money by spending a couple of hours each day bringing over your clothes, appliances or boxes on your own.

7. Help the Movers

No, we’re not talking about helping the movers lift your queen size bed or your sofa. But rather giving them some food, bottles of water and access to the washroom. Also, be sure to hand them a 15 percent tip. Learn more information at Premiere Van Lines, which has more online resources available.

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