Why You Should Use A Electrician

Many people wonder why they should hire an electrician for a simple remodeling project like adding more outlets. Why would this be any different from all the painting, carpentering and renovations they’ve already done?
Some homeowners do a splendid job completely rewiring a home. It certainly saves money! Why hire electrical contractors if you don’t have to?

There are some very good reasons to hire a competent electrician. Naturally, the best reason is safety. Of course, if a person thought his do-it-yourself project was going to result in tragedy, he wouldn’t attempt it.
Would he?
Unfortunately, what can be a simple job for a contractor can turn into a nightmarish snarl of wires for a homeowner, not to mention skewed light fittings, damaged cables and switches and occasionally, electrical accessories that burst into flames. Electricity is something people can’t see or smell, so a very dangerous situation could arise with a homeowner completely unaware.

Who can you trust besides yourself?

A Licensed Electrician
Canadian contractors are licensed by their province after completing an apprenticeship and taking a Certificate of Qualifications Examination. This means that he/she has worked under the tutilage of one who is a master electrical contractor for about five years, and knows all specified codes and regulations that the examination requires.
Due to concerns about unqualified and dangerous electrical work, the Electrical Safety Authority has taken control of licensing for master electricians and contractors in Ontario. Since 2007, Ontario’s homeowners have been required to use only licensed contractors to do residential electrical work.

Licensed contractors must keep up with new safety features
An example of a code update in Ontario is that every bedroom must contain a smoke alarm connected to a main alarm in the hallway. A strobe for the hearing impaired must be connected to the bedroom alarm. These are advantages that an average homeowner might not consider. A professional with the latest electrical updates helps to protect your home and family.

Marketing your home
If you market your home an inspection report will need to be presented to the potential buyer. This report would notify the buyer that the electrical coding was up to standard. Permits have to be obtained by the contractor doing the work on the house. Electrical permits and building permits are not the same. An inspection should be made as soon as the contractor finishes the electrical job for you. Then an ESA certificate of inspection will be issued.
A certificate of inspection makes marketing a residential property much easier. Home inspections can be costly, and unexpected repairs more so. Hiring a professional to do electrical work just makes sense.

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